The World Slide

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I am looking for individuals interested in creating and supporting a World Slide.

This is an idea I stumbled on a long time ago and did initial testing for in which you create a slide long enough so that when you stare at the portal it opens before you pass through it.

I want to cover all 50 regions and make the slide long enough that you would ‘discover’ the region as you rode the slide…

More testing is needed for this idea but it sounds super fun to me and I would love some help!!!


I think this would be removed by the devs.

People use platforms/portals to achieve this in a different way for hunts and such.

gatta try before they stop my fun right?


If it’s 1 slide per region, linked with portals, it should be doable and easy to keep compact. You can even do it underground so ppl won’t say it ruins their surroundings.

Also I’m not sure you can have the portal load fast enough for the sliding transition to be seemless, you can check the different footfall slides to experiment


ive tested it on smaller slides before but never on a continuous scale… it probably also depends on server load and individual network speeds so im not sure itll work every time but I definitely want to try.

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is this because it circumvents peoples need to explore every region? or because its considered a “footfall trap”?

If it’s one continuous series of plots/beacons that meanders around the planet, then I believe it would be an issue. If it’s something placed in each region, like Lesioui mentioned, then those work fine. These already exist.

Neither of the reasons you mentioned are against CoC.

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As someone who had one of the first footfall slides I will tell you to not let anyone tell you how to boundless. As long as your slide is wide enough compactness isn’t a problem, 3-4 plots wide does the trick.

People will complain, expect it but don’t let their idea of what a build should be or what it should look like defer you from something you want to do. If you have no bad intentions, not trying to grief anyone you have the right to do what makes you happy. If they don’t like seeing it they can look somewhere else they do not own the skyline and if they want to preserve it then they should plot it out.

Slides are fun so you do you.


So… I had bounced an idea like this around… kinda

The main gist would be a “footfall-slide”
Everyone gets 1 plot to decorate as a section of the slide, and it would connect to portals to the different regions.

I havent worked out the math on how many plots horizontily it would take to slide from top of map to bedrock, but the only rules would be has to enter and exit on the 4th block over, and would need to allow the ‘slider’ to use without any interaction. (they could be afk in other words)

The 2 ideas being you could ride it until you see a meteor, and it would generate footfall for each person who contributed a plot.

pretty much… Boundless easy-mode =P

I think someone did this with shops a year or so ago. Or something similar. I dunno if it still exists.

It’s impossible to have it without interactions, even if you stand on a portal that’s in the ground you need to move controller in order to pass through it. Trust me, I’m a professional when it comes to footfall slides, I was the first to have one running for the public.


I built exactly this for meteor meet but they asked people to slide at beginning of hunt. There was 4 slides and took like 2-3 minutes to go through and most resisted it. People looked at it like they were being forced for some reason and would just teleport to the end where the hunts started. It worked ok for the first few months but people lost interest.

wait, the portal wont load if you are looking straight at it? you have to move the mouse?

Yup, you need to interact to go through.

That sounds fun! I and others would certainly welcome it on our planet. I would only ask that you be respectful to those that have home bases. We had some issues in the past with slides, platforms and such that were placed without enough thought to location. Some touched people’s bases stopping their expansion and so forth. But if you can build while letting people have room to expand, go for it. Just be a good neighbor and I think all is good. Good Luck

I’m not calling anyone out. I was telling the OP to be a good neighbor. Nothing more, nothing less. I think the OP has a cool idea. No idea how you can have a problem with anything I wrote. It was nice, benign, and generic. You can send me a PM if you want to discuss. I wish you nothing but the best. I actually found your slides to be a very genius idea.

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@MrSgtPeppers this is what I’m talking about by letting people deter you from building it. One out of the four slides was next to a base, the others were hundreds of plots away from other build. The one that I was next to told me it was ok, the rest that complained was because they feel like they are entitled to everything around them even if it’s not plotted and think they can control what, where and how you should build. It’s noy your responsibility to seek out anyone if that land isn’t plotted, you don’t need permissions from them either. in fact if they want that land they should have plotted or go see you to ask if you could change location.

Regardless of whether this is allowed or not, keep in mind that this will most likely only work for pc players.
For ps4 players, i have to stare at a portal from 3-10 seconds before it opens up. There’s no slide you can make that looks at the portal from a short enough distance to trigger it to connect, and a long enough distance to have it open by the time the player reaches the portal.

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For the life of me, I see nothing mean spirited in this post. Sorry if it made you angry. That was not my intention. Best Regards

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Yeah, otherwise you can grapple afk friends through portals and drop them into a cave in Alcyon surrounded by lava and confusion.
If only :pensive: