The World Slide

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Actually if said friend is using a grapple to hang there you can make them swing thru a portal. @Ratchel can attest to that as I flung him through one :joy:


@majorvex pretty sure they mean to have 50 single plots, one in each region, connected only by portals.

In any case it wouldn’t work especially on PlayStation :confused:

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I started the Foot Fall Co-Ops with the idea to have each persons plot be a mini-shop… so instead of running the mall hallway you would just run the line of shops. Getting the footfall was part of it… the idea came at a time when coin was hard to come by and prices were inflated… and to top it off, Guilds had just been released and the cost of providing them was a huge challenge. There was a wall for guilds to “represent” which, to me would bring unity and a sense of “cooperation” to the community.

I had a majority of people thank me, and for that I am grateful. I also had a lot of people who hated the idea and were very vocal about it. I would still do it again, even if people felt they were “above” the idea, at the time. Not everyone was rolling in coin, so not everyone had the same perspective. I no longer run them, as they served their purpose at the time, but the maintenance became more than what it was worth… and as a slide owner myself, I can tell you they are NOT easy… one plot goes out and… @Kaplah was much better at the slides than I was…

All in all, I say be Boundless your way… stay within the TOS and do your thing. If it sticks the community will let you know… :blush:

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yeah this is why I plan on owning all the plots because I am going to GC my account as soon as my new job starts… I really just need help finding regions/building/testing/and supplying oort… I dont really hunt so oort is always a HUGE challenge for me.

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In alpha @the-moebius build a slide with portals to get around Therka marked quick.
Was fun :slight_smile:

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I have never complain over the slide to anyone, in the end it is free ground.

I have used the slide the opposite way. When i run around and come from that direction, i run up the slide, jump and grapple and I am home.

Now i have to jump block by block to get up the mountain…

And yes, i liked the footfall it gave…


Good luck finding a location this needs planning ahead by far

Nice idea but for me a no sorry.

Even if I don’t like the exploring as much (if its just for that reason). I rather explore then to take a slide. Simply because you still see something and can go out of your way to have a peek at it.

It will be a lot of planning (and probably a lot of plots) like @host said so i wish you good luck. :wink:

In hindsight i wouldnt of put it there, back then I didn’t use the forums and honestly thought I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I spoke to one of your friends who said it was ok. I contacted your friend a second time because someone kept insisting multiple times and in multiple threads that you were not happy.

Your build is absolutely amazing and my intention was to actually have a huge statue holding the slide and incorporate that so it would fit in your build. Unfortunately the slide didn’t work out.

Thank you for your comment, I had no doubt your friend was telling the truth but hearing it from you lays any argument some have used against me to bed.

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I would love to see the statue…
And i loved to sit outside my build and pet my imaginary cat, and suddenly 20 player run past :slight_smile:
You did nothing wrong.
As i said i used it too.

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I had this working in beta search for trains l’ide system lol

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Why wouldn’t this work? And why especially on PS4?

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Don’t encourage, panda’s are lurking!! :joy::crazy_face::joy:

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You might get some grief from people who dislike this type of game play and support from others who do. Mostly the issue with the slide is it likely will have issues with portal loading. There is a delay so this might stop you from sliding perfectly.

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@Heureka I don’t have a build on Circa right now but I went by your place during the GB hunts and it looks absolutely stunning! The base was already stunning over a year ago but you always know just what to add.

Fellow Boundless players, if you want to see an incredible and unique base go check out Heureka’s build. Circa PS hub - > he has a player portal there.

sorry to hijack this thread. Now back to the World Slide talk


Hey Ovis! Want to work on this together? I’ve always wanted to do a crazy build with you!

I’m not interested in working on anything atm, would be a cool idea to work on tho :+1:

If anyone can testify to that statement you know it’s me. Some have legitimate concerns but sometimes that grief is nothing more than someone making up stuff just because they can, this is something I’ve recently experienced.

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I like this world slide idea and hope it turns into a reality. I would love to see it. Don’t listen to negativity.

As you get closer to starting the project, haters will say almost anything to dissuade you. They might say it violates the rules when it does not. They might say your project will make so and so mad and they are friends of the developers. Or they may say you are going to make some enemies. And on and on and on.

Just be yourself, and play and build how and what you like.

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@MrSgtPeppers What is it you actually want? Because I’m pretty sure its 100% doable and even for PS4. It will just cost 50 shards an hour in portals