Thematic Settlements and Random people


We had the same issue over the last weekend… Some random guy just showed up and made a square building just by the end of our protection. We surrounded him to prevent further griefing and when he logged he instantly came to us asking what happened, but didn’t listen to word we were saying. Then started building squares all around the city to grief us… In the end he agreed to cooperate but devs could do nothing about it lol.

This is unacceptable and shouldn’t be a thing. I wonder why these griefers always choose pretty locations :thinking:


Sounds like he just built there because he liked the location, then you blocked him just to be a jerk. You can’t be surprised by the reaction when you start off with it.


Yeah of course, here’s hoping he isn’t one - Just put up a sign asking if we could sort something out in case he shows up.


Who acted as a jerk?

Us, 15 people working over 100hours per person on our town, taking care of everything, working for community, afraid of loosing our work?

or some random guy that liked our location and despite seeing 2000plots claimed around the city, and all the great buildings, claimed a location just by our megabuild??

This is insane such behavior is even a case.


No offense to the ps4 community. But this issue is fixing to skyrocket i think. Def make sure you have the plots for what your wanting to do guys and gals. The hard truth is that the majority of ps4 users will be toxic due to the fact they think its funny and fun to upset people. This is the new way. I say thank fortnight.


You’re the jerk for boxing in someone who built in unclaimed space.

I am getting really annoyed how everyone seems to feel like they have the rights to unclaimed areas around their builds. Cut and dry, if it’s not plotted you have no say over what happens to it.


Ah sorry, i really like what you’re doi g with the place and often visit. Hopefully someone actually intent on being part of your settlement, maybe just getting the theme a bit wrong. It’s nerve wracking if you have a plan for a themed, small to medium settlement to let others in as you cant stop things like this… on the other hand had a great experience when @ElfMarine joined our themed village back on Vena V.

Here’s hoping man…


Yeah I mean, if he wants to join, that would be just fine and we’d be able to figure something out, just wish he had contacted me first.


In my personal opinion that’s a grey area- The same logic that applies to “if it’s not plotted, it’s not claimed” applies to when you box a person in. It’s a deliberate bully move, but at the same time, those plots were not claimed either. This creates a situation where there is not a “right” party, and needs to be sorted out by those involved. Personally, boxing in should never be the go-to response and friendly negotiations should be the first priority.


I agree, I’m just judging based on intent I was given. The dude built something with no malicious intent. Then he was boxed in with intentional malicious intent. That’s the judgement I’m making.

I think if your motivations for doing stuff are “screw this guy” then you are the antagonistic party.


Another option you can do when doing a settlement is to put up signs in multiple areas just on the edge of your build mentioning that you are a planned settlement and who they should contact. I did this with Eden to curtail new people from plotting right on the edge. Asked them to work with me or build a bit farther away from the town edge. It worked VERY well and I didn’t need to bully people by surrounding them with plots to try to make them leave.

Obviously there might be some people that ignore the signs but it usually helps more than naught.


All my builds will have walls to prevent this, or just be underground. Can’t control the horizon.

I agree that a polite sign and kindness goes a long way to resolving these issues.


This kinda of thing is going to happen much more after full release next week.

I’d start with assuming newcomers are not being malicious, but just building close to builds they think are cool. Maybe they want to look at your build every day, maybe they want neighbors they can talk to, maybe they want to join your build, but don’t understand the theme requirements.

Whatever they build, we shouldn’t jump to walling off people just because we think they are encroaching on space we think we own.


Im not for walling off people at all - this guy literally just went inside a small hole in between my plots and put up that building - an oversight on my part tbh - but yeh :frowning:


I don’t think that the comment about walling off are in regards to your post but directed at the individuals that specifically mentioned intentionally walling off plots as a resort to percieved griefing.

Im hoping that in the soon to be released community standards there is something to address this action. Walling someone off from their plot should be a punishable offense. Building near someone else is not, and never should be, assumed to be griefing. Blocking someone off from land they have claimed on the other hand is deliberate griefing and should be dealt with accordingly.


I hope you are wrong, I’m gonna play on ps4 and I think/hope that a game like Boundless doesn’t attract so much people like that. (I try to think positive)


We all have made moves to protect space we want. I certainly didn’t mean to make it should like it was really “wrong.”

Either way, overall, the community has been pretty decent on handling land. I’m sure we will have bad people coming in, but as a community we can show civil ways of handling it. Even if they aren’t we can always choose to be and set a good example for others.

In other words, don’t feed the toxic behavior but lower it with lots of flowers and love! :slight_smile: <3


The more popular this gets, you’re gonna get all your builds ruined like this, so you need to buy LOTS of cubits on the Cash Shop and plot up all the land you can and plan in advance.


I will agree that this is going to happen more not less. Especially the closer you are to hubs and easy spots to get to from hubs. Some will be griefing, more will probably be people wanting to join the settlement/community.

As I was told long, long, ago, you have to plot everything you want build on or preserve or someone will build there or chop down the trees, or dig a pit by your build.

Or you wait for rented planets and restrict access to those you know and trust to prevent random building and mining/gathering close to your builds. I do hope you can not only limit building on a rented planet but mining/gathering also and still be part of the larger universe.


I get the feeling that it was deliberate. However, with your view in mind, I’ll go ahead and add a way for him to access it. My intent was more of a retaliation for provoked attack. I’ll like your thinking and will assume that it was a mistake.

It was clear that it was ‘occupied’ space though.