Thematic Settlements and Random people


It happens in real life realistate it will certainly happen in Boundless.


This is unfortunate, i was warned back in Therka days that themed builds can easily be greifed, now with an expanding player base that’s becoming more and more likely. im tempted to set up a guild which essentially deals with themed builds, members could pool plots together and lend them to other members to prevent things like this happening…just depends if anyone is interested. Would do other building projects too. Hope this gets solved


Can you elaborate on the “occupied space” part? Just wondering what your frame of thought is.


What’s a gleam club member and how much does it cost?


We’re a small guild trying to do the themed build thing…

I think I’ll just wait for private planets tbh.
Then I’ll be able to do what I want, and then open it up for others later.

Though if the same player goes for several builds doing this, wouldn’t that be considered harrassment ?


Best to do a search… It is basically just a monthly fee that gives some perks. $4.99/month.


It’s basically like a minor subscription service that gives you some perks. I don’t remember them all, but it allows you to customize your toon with greater detail. Also, your beacons don’t run out of fuel which is why I got it.

There are a few other things, and I can’t remember the price. was pretty cheap IMO. Plus it helps throw some coin to the devs.


Wait what? Oh the same person ruining your builds? If so i guess it is.


Well not necessarily my builds, but everyones ?

like grabbing a few plots, puts something completely out of place up, leaves, moves onto the next etc.


Proving intent would be near impossible unfortunately. What’s to say they just don’t want a summer home in all these nice places others are building up?

We will just need to deal with random players building amongst our builds.


So far, most people seem to be great neighbors, so I’m hoping there won’t be a huge griefing community. I worry that ppl with cry ‘griefing’ every time they just don’t like something.

Time will tell, I suppose.


I suppose so yes.

I’m not trying to cry out the sun here or anything, im just really frustrated is all xD


I can imagine it would be, luckily for me I already have my 100 plot footprint down, so the only thing getting in my way of building is my motivation and crippling lack of plots.


well I plotted near 700 xD… I just missed the ones he set his building at so yeh :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice. I’ve got 900 of ~3200 plots so far of what I’m planning.nearly have it all excavated too. :smiley:


Yeah im planning on getting up to 3K plots as well tbh - though i might just wait building big atm I think… Until the rented stuff.


Are private planets confirmed to be happening? Even then, it’d be a shame to not build just because someone could build beside it.

Seems like a lot of people aren’t the biggest fan of building in a public place unfortunately.


I mean - It says so on the front page, so thats what im thinking :P?

Also, I got ahold of him, and seems like a nice guy - luckily doesnt mind moving somewhat a bit :slight_smile:


Sweet. I’m glad that worked out, hopefully everyone can keep being friendly as the community grows.


theres a solution for this the rented worlds
but it takes away the pride in being prestigous in public world
but if ya just in it to build i say go for it (rented world)
our do like aqua and wait a month our 3 and preplot the entire project :smile: