Thematic Settlements and Random people


For sure, but im not really in it for the prestige point in that sense - Just want to build some great stuff that people would like to look at tbh :slight_smile:


I am in Zoin’s group. We have another incedent but this time it involves damaging another player’s build. Unfortunately it was in unclaimed plots. And the griefer has claimed a bunch of plots in the area. They are also unresponsive to other players. We need the code of conduct so we can file a grievance of some kind.


For such thematic towns and co we need connected worlds with special plotting rights (users may come and mine, but not plot unless they have a permission). Until then if somebody comes close and builds a building there (not fitting but still a useful building/shop/outpost/whatever) that’s no griefing but playing the game, even if it’s built of mud. Of cause, obvious “I take a plot to stop you” or random building and chisteling just to say “I have something here, live with it” IS griefing and should be handled.


I did some searching in the forums about griefing and back in 2015 there was a thread about reporting griefing. Does anyone know what became of that and if that process is still active?


Here are some snapshots taken by another member of the damage.



Sheesh. This thread just wreeks of entitlement. It’s an open sandbox MMO. That random guy has every right to build where he wants…especially if it’s not plotted. Why do you think your gameplay are more important than the other guy?


You can say that nicely, no need for labels.

Only way to control land in Boundless is to plot upfront, if you have plans there is only one solution.
Devs will never rule in your favor, and they shouldn’t, if someone builds whatever beside your build.


I had an issue like this once ps4 went preorder access, I approached the guy politley and asked him if I could bribe him to leave, which he did (I had a number of ps4 contacts coming in). Sometimes if you keep it polite things work out, but not always unfortunately


Its nothing to do with “entitlement” we have signs up everywhere politely stating to ask where to build etc. of course they can build what they like and that is exactly what the game is about, we just want to keep some uniform and make something unique looking as a community. stop getting your knickers in a twist.


I think you should be able to restrict them from mining as well as building. Taking down all the trees around a settlement that is Nature themed, or strip mining soil or rock outside immediately outside of a settlement can be just as bad as building a mud hut.


I remember an entire city done in a steam punk style. All we are trying to do is the same thing just a different theme. We have had quite a few people join us in this endeavor and we would like it to continue. Labeling us as elitists or having an entitled attitude falls way off the mark.
Also the attitude of this griefer is worse, calling their destruction a remodel, Pah-lease.


Taking blocks from an unclaimed area is not griefing, it isn’t theft, it isn’t harassing, etc.

Complaining about being labeled while labeling others seems a tad hypocritical.


This has been an ongoing issue with many of us in the community. We have asked for the developers to solve for almost a year. Warning them that problems will arise in 1.0 as the player base grows.

There is an issue on Biitula now too between ]i[ and [PS]. Various other areas, etc. I think we all just need to provide feedback in a constructive way to the developers. Then just give them time to apply some solutions. And we need more patience.


There is no griefing in this game, at least not in they way it was defined in minecraft times.

If you build on unplotted area and someone loots the stuff: your fault.
This would have ben removed anyway by world restore. If i see unplotted stuff, and nobody is arround that maybe just rearrange his plottings, then i allways take what i can use. since it would be gone in a few hours anyway.

If someone goes next to you and build something you dont like, thats bad but actually thats not griefing to me, just because you dont like it, it does not mean the person does it just to bug you.
Specially new players to this genre tend to start with simple stuff before exploring and experimenting with styles.
So ye surrounding a new player that just liked your settlement and wanted to join is a very bad way of welcomming new players.

dont become toxic like that, just communicate, and when hes not on, place signs, be friendly etc.
maybe im to optimistic but i think like 95% of such cases can be solved without problems if ppl just communicate with each other.


I’ll rise.

Game is opening up to everyone. All kinds are going to come on in. Are they embraced and invited to join the community until they prove otherwise or do we invite behavior by offering them a script?

PS4 users are happy to be part of this community. This has been years of waiting.


I agree. Blocking someone in is griefing. If you want to build a large build and own all the plots around it them either save them up or spend the money to buy them through the cubits. You are being selfish thinking you own the plots around you that you didn’t actually claim. This game is a MMO community type of game and people building near each other is one of the things it encourages. Someone getting a plot you wanted and didn’t claim is completely your fault. Blocking some one in, harassing them about building beside you and/or coming here talking bad about them makes you look like a jerk.


Plots should always be claimed before a person starts to build on them though. A person can only blame themselves when something like that happens.


Your entire response just described entitlement. That your preferences should trump those of another. You’re just in denial :grinning:


I’m not entitled to anything so there is no entitlement. its a community project, they are welcome to join the community, its open to all. poke all you want sunshine, you won’t get a rise here :slight_smile:


Wasn’t trying to. But we’ll agree to disagree.