Thinking about leaving Boundless... give me a reason not to

I’ve read all the past forum entries about the “NO NEW UPDATE” info from everyone… and today we just got this year “February LOVESTRUCK event”… same thing as last year… I mean it was nice the first three years… but things are now on “Automatic Pilot” everything in the game is in a stalemate… like on pause… I sometimes see some people running trough the portals in Dragons, and I still get some coins on a daily basis with my beacons at my shop… but still, its nothing like before, and I just come online everyday just to refill my portals and beacons trying to see if something new comes in… and as things go right now, Tiggs and the Boundless team have no intention on changing or adding new things… it’s sad really… I love the game, and I’ve tried supporting the game a long the years either in monthly payments and buying private planets and such, but so far… I dunno what’s the purpose of logging in anymore…

I mean… they could just add something small like new block colors… nothing too fancy, either 3 new colors to the existing pallette for the private planets or something like that… to get a better revenue… I dunno, something not even that grand…

I´m just ranting and I know… it’s just that meh…

Am I the only one feeling like this?..



Cannot think of a reason to be honest.
Even simple open communication would keep people in the community happy.

Oh well, it was good while it lasted.


I left the game about a month ago, dont see a reason to stay.
No developement ,no new content , no proper dealing with bad players in game or forum.

My gametime on boundless was close to 20.000 hours, maybe i will someday bring it to a full 20 thousand.
And that would not even take that much, some better communicating from the devs ( what devs ), or a small update maybe.
For freak sake their is a good update on the testing server for several years, how hard could it be to bring part of this to the live servers.

All my portals should be closed by now , my beacons still have some time but i dont think i will refuel them.
My guildies can refuel whatever they think is needed.

I would like to thank all the good people that i met in boundless for a few good years of gaming, i could start listing here but the list would be to long.

Selling the game was the worst thing that happened to boundless.


I hit that point when I ran 8 t6 planets for a mining network, then seeing how much was spent to roll planets so that I could group them… But that decision…is up to you. Have you done everything that you wanted to do? Sometimes a break is all you need. Who knows what will happen but I just lurk and wait. One day it could be great again. Rolling the dice.


If someone could show me a game that would replace how much enjoyment I get from boundless, maybe.
but honestly. i’m not going to go back to wasting my time sitting on other games thinking how much i just want a vast open sandbox universe game to only ignore the one that i still enjoy.

Keep playing if you want to keep playing, if you cant justify spending money on something like that then that’s also your decision.


No, that started long before the decision to sell was made. The only difference is that there was a burst of hope that has resulted in further anger and disappointment.

On a slightly related note, for all of you who are leaving, any donations of all your items will be accepted! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Stay because you still enjoy the game and the community. Who cares if development has stalled. So long as the servers are running and you’re happy to be here, stay here. Other peoples opinions be damned.


One day at a time - easy few steps validation to do every day:

  1. Do I want to play Boundless? If yes :arrow_right: 2. Is Boundless running? If yes :arrow_right: 3. Am I enjoying my time in Boundless? If yes :arrow_right: continue playing.

Now the only detail here to sort out is to decide whether you spend money on GC, sovs and whatnot.

If your answer to any of the steps above is NO, then you stop playing.

Any outside factor is just noise. Overthinking, overanalysing will only blur the picture.

:grin: :nerd_face: :upside_down_face: :wink:


glad you re-opened, people started asking about it


Thanx for reopening Ur portals to Ur farms :slight_smile:


But for how long ??? :wink:

that does not matter, its nice of him to re-open , no matter how long it will last, better something, than nothing not?


Correct he is a nice person. Enjoy while it lasts, won’t be long. :wink:

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thank you :slight_smile:

Life is short, indeed. :wink:

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And no doubt it will have nothing to do with your plucky attitude or opinions :wink:


The one thing I don’t think a lot of people realize is if the game didn’t get sold then I’m guessing it would have been shut down completely. I highly doubt the original dev team planned on continuing to pay to keep the servers going. Boundless being purchased by Monumental is probably the only reason the servers still live and people still have a place to play and remember the journey. Everyone throwing stones need to step back, appreciate the fact that the game is still open and face the fact that updates may take another year to come or they may never and the game just remains open. That or just get stepping and move on because no body wants to deal with your whining.



clap shia


reason not to leave is when you come back and you own allot it takes a weeks to get that beacon emptyd