This Game Blows My Mind

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Randomly found this game during the free weekend, and boy am I glad I did. The look of the thing probably would’ve made me not spend the money, but playing really is believing in this case.
I never thought I’d play a building/crafting/economy sim game that I actually liked.
Most of them get ruined by the inclusion of PvP or inelegant economic or gameplay systems that undermine the feeling of being in a dynamic player-driven world. (ATLAS burned me bad, real bad)

For the first time of which I am aware, a game now exists that lives up to this “Player-Made World” ambition I’ve been dreaming about ever since I read about player shops in Ultima Online (but sadly never got to play).

The mad lads actually pulled it off. I’m freakin’ clapping in my bedroom like an idiot.

Now sure there are some areas that could be fleshed out with more content. I’d really like to see some crafted player clothing/gear. But that’s a good place to be. The foundation is there, along with lots to do and see, and all that’s left is to add more. I look forward to seeing this game grow and become as popular as I believe it deserves to be. This is easily my new favorite thing of 2019


Join the club :grin:


I believe the reason a lot of people who post on these forums have trousers as icons, is they feel the same as you … or something :slight_smile:

I bet there are people in Dev-land going “hmmm, trousers” while stroking their beards.

I actually got ninja’d by an example - darn


Welcome! Ask for help as often as you need it, no matter how dumb you think the question is!

Where did you settle? Who are you in-game?

Welcome, welcome! Enjoy your stay!

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Don’t ask that tho, wow, really?

Kidding, kidding! :joy:

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I’m “Dawmino” in-game, I’ve settled in a cave dwelling for now, in Cephonex Merika, next to a house made by a friend playing with me. It’s near an outlet of the portal network, but I’m not sure what to call it.

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Yea crafted armor is a must have for 2019.

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Be sure to stop by my shop in Cephonex. I offer lots of tools for noo-- :roll_eyes: I mean beginners (har har :sweat_smile:). Coords are -302N, 2204E and reasonable prices. Good luck!

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Also happy to help new people whenever :blush:
Ultima Mall in Finata

Yay! I love this game too! It’s growing and so much more is coming! :heartpulse:


Yep, I burned out playing this game the first 6 weeks I had it. But, now I’m playing it again and cant put it down. It really is a great game. I always lose track of time when I am in boundless.