This Game Needs Automation to Compete w/ Minecraft

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So, this is the second week I’ve had the game - I’ve already put in about 80 hrs in this short amount of time. I got 3 of my friends into the game and there seems to be this common conversation that we end up having over and over again because honestly, deciding what to play is difficult for us when we own literally hundreds of games.

The basic problem that they have with this game is that there’s no automation at all like there is in Minecraft with Redstone. Now, I’ve explained to them why there can’t be automation, at least not any automation that awards experience (because gaining experience = cubits/premium currency), but they still won’t let it go, which has me making this topic…

It would be really cool if there was Redstone Functionality to automate things BUT it didn’t give any experience so it couldn’t be abused to farm Cubits. Admittedly I do not know enough about this game to know if that’s even a possibility, but that’s kind of why I’m here. Is something like that possible or would the products you gain from automated machine processes be too overpowered and result in crazy experience gains?

Personally I think that when you’ve got people like me queuing up 250+ crafting tables and 50+ refineries before they log off that having some automated machine processes and autosorted chests and stuff like that isn’t that big of a deal because I’m already logging into 400k+ exp sometimes (which is probably not that much compared to what more established players are doing).

Just interested to get some input on this - why doesn’t this game have redstone functionalities in it? That’s the major thing that separates the two games and the complexity of their building. Minecraft is simply winning out in that category, and even though I’m honestly personally enjoying this more, I can’t ignore that they have a valid point, ya know?


The devs do have some plans for automation with machines interacting with storage, portals etc, but what final form it will take or any limitations involved, we’ll have to wait and see. As far as I am aware, it is still in the pipeline though - also not sure when it’s planned to be worked on.

There will obviously need to be some limitations imposed on it though as we’re playing on shared worlds, so the game still needs to be playable for everyone.


I’m glad to know that something is coming… I’m okay with some limitations - they are definitely 2 different games at the end of the day, and this game’s main strength over Minecraft is its ability to bring people together while still performing well so it’ll be very interesting to see what they come up with :slight_smile:


Another thing boundless has over Minecraft is the ability to chisel blocks, collect plants etc. I love the community in this game.


Don’t forget the colors :wink:




There’s mods to make chiseling better in Minecraft than it is in boundless. But we definitely have better graphics :sweat_smile:


There’s hope after all :innocent: This is like seeing light at the end of the tunnel

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this for some reason made me think of taping a loot magnet on top of a storage box to have it auto suck up items in range! That would be great for regeneration farms… at least the personal ones.


So if I want to mechanic Minecraft, then I play Minecraft. - Please, no automation.


I love the enthusiasm, and welcome to Boundless!

However, just to give you a realistic catch-up, the devs are working on Baldur’s Gate 3 (so exciting for them!) and Boundless is on the back burner for now. I wouldn’t expect anything new in 2021 besides the swords and shields they’re working on.


It’s probably 99% about server load. The game lags for most players just from having an open portal and a few machines running. Having machines interact with each other in multiple workshops across a world would stop everything.


Hmm, I don’t ever really have lag problems with portals or machines running and I’ve been playing this game for almost a year now, even when I’m at home at my folks house and they only have 15mb internet speeds bc they live out in the sticks, still seems to run pretty good. What are your internet speeds?? I think Boundless runs overall, pretty good IMO

And when I’m out on the road trucking, I use my cell phone hotspot which has fast speeds. The only time I EVER have lag problems is when there is ALOT of people on a fresh exo that just came out of the oven with lots of lucents and goodies on it :grin:

Just curious, do others have lots of lag problems in this game all the time??? (Specifically with 1 or more portals and lots of machines running??)

*not trying to change the subject if OP doesn’t mind me asking

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Personally, I have had the game go into an “Unplayable Connection” state about once every 1.5-2 hrs of play, lasts for about 20 seconds, I just wait, and then it goes away. So the potential to make that worse definitely exists :stuck_out_tongue:

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Interesting, what internet speeds do you have @Ryokishine?

I’ve gone in and tweaked the settings for the game and that seems to help alot, specifically with the (chunk rate) I believe was the term, somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but the download up/down setting (can’t remember what its called exactly in the settings, havent been on in a while.

But adjusting that seemed to help me tremendously and get rid of UNPLAYABLE

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My upload is really bad, but download is fine. When it’s in that state it says my latency is between 50-75 ms so I really don’t think it’s on my end, but yeah. It’s not a huge problem now, but if they add some automation who knows =/ As much as I want it I can definitely understand the potential for issues.

Ya thats waaaaay better then what I’ve ever had lol but have u tried messing with the in game settings like I mentioned above??

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My game runs well. Lag is a common issue for a lot of people and server load is often cited as the limitation for possible new features. That’s why there’s a mesh limit per chunk.

Edit: I do get the unplayable connection warning every couple hours too. Usually when I’m jumping through portals.


I’ll turn it down and see if it helps, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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I guess maybe I’m one of the lucky 1s lol, haven’t had too much issue with lag at all. I’ve even had my mesh limit pretty much maxed in some of my builds, I guess I’ll start seeing some flickering of graphics at that point especially with alot of gleam chests piled up with signs on them :grin:

I only really get unplayable if (like u mentioned) when I’m jumping through the TNT portal rabbit hole from circ. to norkyna (Specifically right at about cardass sometimes) but thats probably because I’m warping over our ocean and back to the U.S haha

Hopefully that helps @Ryokishine