Thoughts on Souvrein Worlds

My personal opinion. I dont support suvrein world to be Honest. Getting to roll youre own planets with The needs u want then whats The point in having a mmo?

Here are some things that cones to mind. Thinking as a new player.

  1. Populating The known world. So The world will become emtier as People delve in Their own bubble world with all their needs.

  2. Travel, exploring. Get obsolite as u just making youre own planets and get youre fix there. Hence planets again feels un populated.

  3. Its a bit excluding. As u have youre own planet or cluster u can close of at any minute. When u possible have frecuent People in desperate need of youre gleam color or other neccesety.

  4. Portal close when u dont fill it up suvrein worlds. Maby this newcommer to The game thought youre world was men to be permanent and they used to farm there. Suddenly they are met with a close portal and never can get back there.

  5. People will spend their time on their own planets and when they dont have money for it, will they Come back playing in shared normal world? With their massive investment on their private server gone?

I understand The need of privacy but a whole planet is a bit overkill haha. I do understand The problem with plot spamming half a planet. But there must be a better way then excluding veteran players to their own hermit planet :sweat_smile:

Im more for a world, world that has players in them then not. Its like private club membership. I Will never by a suvrein world and never endorse it. Its exclusivity and not a part of a mmo :hugs:

Think about if u wanted to play world of warcarft, But, u wanted a server of youre own to farm on what u needed specificaly and the when u wanted u could close youre server to others. And when u wanted a fill off beeing with others u could join The real server. This is a bit weird in my perspective. But i understand it, but never endorse it as I like mmo part of games :heart: and I want The best for new Peoples coming in. Not have then thinking or asking “why is xxx planets portal close? I used to farm there”

My 5 cent into suvrein world. Private servers should not be connected to The main game.

What do u think?


There are a good number of discussions around this, but I applaud people for renting sovereigns and sharing them with other people. I have 2 sovereigns and:

  1. I travel just as much as I did without them.
  2. While I have 2 planets, I cannot get all I want on my planets, I wish I could at times.
  3. I like renting sovereigns to support the game and hopefully it’s future development.

Sovereign planets are an option, not a necessity.


There must be a better way to support The game as so many is willing to do so then exclude so many that cant afford their own world? I mean, The game is getting emtier, not that i mind as I gett everything i need and not have to contests with others. But at a sertain point The mmo starts to fade out, be coming a Coop (when hunting) and a singel player game rest of the time :sweat_smile:

There is a reason all games that has private servers, dont connect it to main servers.

Builders want People to Come by and se their work and have a chatt. Now u have to first find a Hub (new People has zero ideer of this) and then find a Souvrein world to see cool stuff.
I remember The Day when i could run The planets with alot of players Building every where and have a chatt. Now it empty and desolate and more People on Souvrein world. This becomes a social issue as a new player to find life :joy: where is The players etc. Exept hubs.

Its a bit counter productiv as a mmo :sweat_smile:

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Most rewiew of boundless resently had been players running around on a planet and havent Come across 1 singel living beeing. With all People playing “1000” or so, if they were on The accual planets where People spawn and not on their own Souvrein planets then it becomes a livley mmo. Thats about 20 People a planet, prob even more on other planets as lush planets are more popular. Wouldnt that be cool, to accualy see People running around and interacting more :hugs:

I totally disagree with your statement that there are very few people playing Boundless.
In the last couple of months there have actually been more and more players. Some have come back, quite a few are brand new.

The hubs used to be ghost towns. Now you ALWAYS see people when you go from portal to portal.

There are many many reasons for players that are very active in their communities to want or even need sov worlds.

  1. More space for doing whatever you want
  • I know of several people that have sovs and build/hunt and join in community activies on BOTH
  1. Color selections
    Sure there are home worlds with lots of lovely colors, but they don’t change.
    Some sovs keep a color scheme. Others cycle through colors on a regular basis.

  2. As Redlotus mentioned , sovs financially support the game after the initial purchase.

It’s very very simple. In a game where something is offered for real money … you have a choice. To buy and use that thing, or not buy.

A lot of players never get an sov and like the game just fine.


Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the private servers when and if they are released which are on the Test Server.

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I have chekked many suvrwin worlds and only like 0.1% is used as Buildings and rest is empty wilderness :sweat_smile: wouldnt it be cool if that 0.1% was added to The real servers instead, because there is room and I have full explore all T1 to 3 planets. There is Alot of room :joy:

Abot The Colors, well why not leave them as exotic rare exo planets spawn then to have it as a suvreing planet just because u need that color? Because now u have spray paint so its not a big deal. Other gleam and rare stuff could be implemented without The need for private custom made planets.

Now People just make planets to get sertain Colors :face_with_hand_over_mouth: thats a bit mad.

Try making red spray paint. LOL

True red. Not a shade or variant.

Random colors unlock by creating sovs. The more sovs rented, the more colors we get.

This ‘argument’ has been circulating the forums for a long time.

Whether sovs are a good thing for the game or not.

Again I will state … just because it’s there to purchase, if you are not interested in said thing, just don’t purchase it. :slight_smile:


Avarage player count about 100 players days is not alot, and will not become much more just because of the announcment. Wth a peak performance 4 month with 300 players, Ever on Steam. And maby half that from ps4. Is not alot of players.

If 80% is no Souvrein world The new players will think its not a populated game.

I wont purchase it, never will :hugs: but i care about The new players coming in, their first expressions u know :hugs: and keeping them :smiley::ok_hand: if there is no People around, then its not a mmo :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I love SOV worlds, they’re awesome!


Coloring should in my mind be easter then to make a new planets, spraypaint or color option should be a seperate menu u Cold choose and Change when ever u wanted in my mind. Can we open pprtals to other world The we can paint in any color we want :hugs:

But… WE allready have private servers… Its suvreing worlds :hugs: what can be more private :joy: U have a planet for youreselfs, or many :face_with_hand_over_mouth: suvreign Galaxy? :joy:

Then u are not relly a on The team “Fill Boundless to become more livley” team are u :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

A bunch of Sovereigns are rented for Hunting. A plotted up world don’t leave much for meteor landings. Second a rented world one gets to choose Biomes which affect the terrain and resources. I do dislike people locking them to other players though. One has Sovereign rights so an individual can remove any Beacons they don’t want and still let people gather resources. If one is afraid of people leaving giant holes that is really not an issue either as you can either regen yourself or let it regen naturally. Sovereigns have a lot to do with the reason the game is still alive I feel as well. I have 3 Sovereigns personally but still Home base on a permanent world. The big issue from what i take from what you have posted is new player inexperience. Which is an issue. The new Devs have already stated they want to work on exactly that. If there were no Sov’s your color selection of the numerous items in the game would be severely limited. If you need help in game use the chat system people will generally respond. (side note the chat system does lag and needs work as well. So if no one responds immediately don’t worry.) Stay Boundless!


Oh, the days when I first started and how I hated sovereigns … things change.

Just enjoy the game as you enjoy and everyone else can do the same.


Well i beleve that we would figure out a way to support it regardless as its such a iconic game for many.

Its just sad to see the accual world that People set fot on as a new player, desolate and empty, noon to visit or say hey to. :hugs:

I enjoy The game, hence my conserns :hugs:

Actually Sovereigns are hosted on Dev servers. Private servers would be player owned. <<----- This is actually a fact :grin:


So ill make myself a bit clearer, how can we make the accual main planets more populated. Because when they become vets and have money they would want their own servers or planets themselfs :joy:

Maby some events, gatherings? That takes place on The “old worlds” suggestions?

Or rather, how do u keep old content relevant to older players, to engage with Newcommers and low lv planets :hugs:

This is more prevelent now if any, if there is an influx of players. And to keep them long term.

I mean, there’s no way I’m building my primary base on a sovereign planet.

If I can ever own a vanilla world and travel to/from the MMO I might do such a thing - but not a hosted world. I can gleam club. I could commit to $120 a year. But I don’t care to now or any time soon.

I certainly don’t want to feel required to pay it (on schedule no autopay) to keep my base from vanishing, so until there’s good blueprinting, automatically like reclaim or something (at least) I’ll always have a home on a “home” world.

Though TBH right now I still don’t even have every machine set up :rofl: