Tigg's Tunnels - mgmt computer died

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Hi, I manage Tigg’s Tunnels and my computer died. A hometown friend is loaning me the neccessary cordobas and a replacement machine is already on the way. It may be 2 weeks before I can play Boundless again, but I wanted to let yall know I’ll resurrect the T1-4 planet stops right away when I get back on. The T5 stops will probably join the T6 stops that already each have local portal detours to their planet’s Portal Seekers hub. There are a lot of T5-6 portal networks these days, making my T5-6 stops pretty redundant oort-guzzlers that had far fewer folks using them than the lower level planet’s tunnel stops. When I’m back on I’ll re-open any T1-4 portals that expire while I’m out.


So sorry to hear that! :sob:
I love using tiggs tunnels. It was the first network I found and it is my go to because it has clear directions. When I use other hubs, I have no idea which way to go.

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TNT and Ultima are very easy to follow. You could try those in the meanwhile


Never seen guiding signs at other hubs that state, “go through this portal, and then this one, etc. to get here”.

TNT it’s at circa and on the first floor has all the t4 and below planets directly from there.

The higher tier gate is at the same level and it’s pretty much straight forward.

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Refurb computer already arrived at my friend’s house, so I might be back on again in a few days rather than a few weeks, woosh. And they’re bringing blueberries.


@Solgato don’t you have people that help fuel the portals? or do you do by yourself? At least 2 other people.

I meant to do it yesterday, but forgot. I’ll log on later and deposit my extra shards. I think I have about 10k that I can spare atm.

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I like the extended environment of the PS hubs a lot, that’s why I’ve been detouring the T6 planet Tunnel stops to Portal Seekers. I got used to how they lay stuff out pretty quickly. They’ve always seemed a little mysterious to me so I’ve been drawn to learning more :slight_smile:

It’s me; some lifesaving personal donations helped me get through the initial omzg I caint huld her together capn part. I’ve got a lot of ideas for building up the self-sufficiency a notch :slight_smile: The job of putting the fuel in them once I have enough is easy enough for one person, my farm crops are a heck of a lot more grind than running up & down the tunnels :wink:

You should at least get someone else to put oort in the portals when your not able to get, during emergencies, like your computer not working, some else can fuel the portals for you, keeping the hub running.

Done. 10.4k shards deposited on Raxxa hub basket.


Are you volunteering Sr. Lance?

Bless/thank/hug/celebrate you <3

No me, I am just suggesting.

My machine has been switching itself off anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes after starting it; I’m stoked to report that I topped off the portals with your wonderful gift and am puttering around the farm gently, hoping maybe it’ll stay with me this time. It’s been crashing like crazy for months so having a refurb “new” one will let me dig into this one & see what’s b0rking on it. Thanks for the big shard boost, I got everything filled up <3

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I’ve been using it since I found it last year in July. I use it almost daily, so I figured it was about time I made a donation.

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good gravy that was wonderful. I may pull back to servicing T1-T4 to focus on developing the services at the hubs and such, make them friendly for newer players, all sorts of brainstorming. Oort might go back to some less than nutty price with one less T5-6 hub as well–but for anyone using them on T5-6 they will have a local detour at each planet to the Portal Seeker hub/village/city/etc for that planet, and I’m working on getting those labeled so you can find your way back easily. I’d like to develop some of the resource farms and make them easy to get to from the hubs.

My machine blacks out/powers off instantly if I jostle it; but I’m able to get on and do stuff, and I still have a refurb coming soon that I can be more robust with. When my machine wasn’t making it through bootup hoooly cow did that make my stomach sink. Someday after the plague I want to take both my dead Macs to that famous guy in NYC who can fix anything.

Anyway, thanks again!

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btw, as someone who uses the tunnels, how critical is the T5-6 part for you; does having a local portal to Portal Seekers take care of it reasonably enough? I think from PS you can get pretty much anywhere otherhubwise too. Does the enclosure help wrt critters? I’m expanding the glass to cover the whole thing – working out the design on Pheminorum (I have megatons of glass for this already :slight_smile: )

@tarranth Good point.
I appologize not continued the signing yet.
But Ultimas High Tier has almost at each the path signs at the portals.
The other Portals are sorted in US-East, US-West, AUS and EU (the MainHub)
But i will put a bit more effort into signs.
Especially with the pure glass signs now, it is better possible without breaking layouts with sign borders. :slight_smile:

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