Time for combat please. Pew pew!

Much of the focus on new releases have been building and crafting related. Can we please show combat some love now. The added content so far is great. But the combat is a forgotten element of the game.

The combat in boundless feels pretty good and I think it should have a bigger role in the game.

Right now we have two types or combat. FIghting things outside meteors and inside meteors. Thats it. I dont care what it is but we need something new. I can barely stand the grind of meteors any longer.

We need more combat related activities please.

@james @SamF

Im not looking for more weapons or skills. Simply some kind of event other than meteors. More than just this “Hunter” not sure the name of it now.

I can only build so many shops, houses, towers, bridges, and roads.

And no I am not trying to sell more bows.


It’s time to focus on game performance, especially on PS4. Combat after sounds good tho.


Combat 1st!

Games with more combat…

Portal knights
Sky saga
My Singing Monsters

Better game = boundless.

Just need more action.

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My framerate stutters disagree.


Definitely feel this. Hard to enjoy combat on the ps4. I’d like to see more PS4 optimizations but I’m concerned they’re at their limit with the console hardware. As it stands I use the PS4 to craft and build on and thenPC to hunt on.

:+1: I agree with this post

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I would like a real combat skill overhaul. With in depth skill trees and special moves with cooldowns like destiny/borderlands. Not just brews and procs. But that may be asking for too much :sweat_smile:. But yea ive been completely burnt out on meteors myself for a couple months. Down to my last oort now

if it’s scaling down number of mobs in whatever type of combat events we can imagine (make them harder to beat, but less of’em) than I am up for it

less mobs means less lag and less chaotic mass battles (like large group meteorite hunting)
and fight might get a bit more interesting in groups (now it’s just a lot of creatures dying very fast so a lot of players don’t even record hits - with less mobs surviving longer everyone would have a chance to get involved and bigger chance to understand what’s going on even)

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No more meteors ban meteors!

I started putting FF coin out for oort. I cant take anymore.

Think we need some economy stuff lol there hasn’t been any update for the economy probably since footfall values were change back in EA :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dont worry about this, the days since code was truly optimized are long over. In the old days you had to make good efficient code to have a game run at all. Nowadays most developers take the shortcut because its convinient, efficent coding is not a priority.
So there should be plenty of space for optimization left on PS4 especially on the Pro edition.

If only FF would be enough to fuel portals…


Very Very Off Topic

But what if portals had two fuel sources? Oort based like we have now and instead of footfall, the beacon that contained a portal got a few minutes fuel for each use? If you have a well traveled portal then it might keep it fueled indefinitely. Use the same rules as footfall so you cannot run through your own beacon 1000 times to keep it fueled. If a portal was not used a lot then you have an option to close it or to fuel it with Oort.


I am.

The roles in boundless is very muddy and there needs to be more and better choices for DPS, Healers and Tanks, Needs to be things that set the roles a bit more apart from each other, such that they feel unique. Which they don’t at this time.

Then there is the fact I consider Healing to be broken due to the fact we only have ruddy AoE bombs to heal with that haves a high chance of the server saying „No“ „That heal didn’t really happen“


Like for agree? Are we pandering for likes? Is this a youtube channel?


Orrian is selling bath water soon btw


Includes dirty children or no? I only use Acqua di Cristallo Tributo when I bathe.

Not everyone who reads the forums like to comment. Tho it could have easily been made a poll and it would accomplish the same thing.


This is true, and that’s why the poll feature exists. I realize I’m being grouchy but I’d like tho think that the system is designed so that the best threads and comments rise to the top on their own merit, not because somebody made a generally agreeable statement and then begged for likes to artificially boost an otherwise meaningless metric. I’ll end my rant here, while I glare at this and other top threads that like-pander with a disapproving look.

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