Time for combat please. Pew pew!

I think it might have something to do with this.

If not, then I expect there to be a damn good video in this post somewhere.




Wait are you saying that people make posts for the sole intention of getting ‘likes’?

Man I’m really glad I skipped out on social media for the most part outside of MySpace back in the day. Any post worth anything has a fair amount of discussion going on it it seems like. Everything else disappears over time.

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Definitely agree with OP here. Combat is very lacking in this game and I would kill for something combat/PvE that isn’t just gathering mats for crafting.


Yeah you didn’t miss anything since, aside from increasingly surreal memes.

Oh I dont need any “Likes” I have plenty. Let me dig up a video


People have almost killed themselves for youtube likes, and those are just the ones that could report back and upload the dangerous video.

People do alot of strange things at times for „likes“ , no matter what the platform is. Most likely not the case here for this topic, but it is plausible for it to happen even on this forum.

Tiktok might be worse for the desire of likes now :joy:

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I’ve been waiting for months for something to do. Couldn’t agree more.


If it comes with an armor system to replace the reliance on brews, I’m all in.


You didn’t feel this was fully addressed with 20 second buff bombs?

/sarcasm sheesh


Big +1 for this

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But with the release of the PS5 next year not many developers will do that at this point in time…

Just hope WS will add some extra support to the game to utilise the new hardware of the PS5 tho, since I don’t think they do so for the Pro (and if they do it’s not really noticeable)…

Then again, am also still hoping for a character transfer option from PS4<->PC!

PC runs so much better! Only thing I really, really, really miss on the PC and which has nothing to do with this game in particular, is that when I’m playing with a controller I totally forget that I’m playing on PC UNTIL I want to enter some text, then I’m suddenly sitting there waiting for the PS4 text input dialog!

Sure I always have a keyboard hooked up to either PC or PS4 anyway, but if I’m sitting on the couch in a relaxed position and just want to change a price on a shop stand I don’t want to grab the keyboard just for that. And yes, I know Steam should have something similar, tried it once but takes longer to get on screen than to grab keyboard and it felt rather clumsy to use…

Also a bit of a shame that on PC somehow the touchpad can’t be used as a button (no game is using it, seems to be emulating a mouse), I also kinda miss the press left side of touchpad to open chat window, now need to press enter on a keyboard! And yes, when you get a notification in screen you will want to open it but don’t necessarily need to enter text after…

THAT’S IT! You want to see my businesses ruined huh? :joy:

Nah, Noms 'n More is a hobby project for me mostly, doesn’t really make much coin anymore…

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I’m pretty sure there’s not. I’ve played on both systems on 4k uhd tvs and saw no difference.

We definitely need a combat refresher. After a year of playing and hunting the same way it’s getting very mundane. Hang and shoot. Run around and shoot. I’d even take rift/blink/Umbris claws where I can run around and slice just to change it up. Or some kind of hand to hand weapon

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I’d even take a wildstock shield/ a cuttletrunk soft landing/ RR speed boots/ spitter dodge boots/pants

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If it counts as combat i woudl suggest TITANS !!! Finally its high time for those to kick in :slight_smile:


Meh lets start it up i guess. Let me know when the hunter goes into testing. I will test it.

@SamF @Leahlemoncakes @james @vdragon

Seriously. Would love to help anyway I can when the time comes for that.

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Definately would prefer the engine fixing first.

More stuff that doesnt work isnt as good as a little that does lol