Timed out connection to server on TANA VII

Tana VII, cant get to a portal there, as much as i checked out others work, Gyosha too

Could you submit a game log after seeing this on screen?

How exactly to get that log?

Main Menu -> Support -> Report tab. You’ll find the options here.

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Oh, ye just did

Okay, looks like some worlds are down. See the quote made by @dave from another post:

I concur, gyosha and tanna

All 3 worlds should be back online, if you can’t connect to any of them you may need to restart your client there’s some info about the worlds that has changed and is cached in the client until restart.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I restarted but continue to get the message timed out connecting the server for both tanna and gyosha. I submitted the game log

Now working

Again the same problem… 3 planets (Tana VII, Gyosha, Houchus): Timed out connecting to server… Help please!
Cleaned the cache, rebooted the game & PC… Not help…

Im on Tana rn, idk about Gyosha and Norkyna

All good with Tana

On all planets can enter, in addition to these three

How has it been since then?

All good in my case, it had a slight delay at that time yesterday, but it was myb 5/6 secs longer than usual wait for portal opening, everything else was okay :smiley:

Still the same, timed out connecting… Tana VII, Houchus, Gyosha

If it happens again, please submit a game log.

And again, and again, and i did not get to these planets… 5 times wrote in Game Log…

Thanks for the game log. I’ve passed this over to one of the software engineers to see if there’s any useful information in it.

Thank you…