Timelapse - City of Rurigar [WIP]

So as i am already doing the asgan project on youtube, which is a speed build type series if you don’t know what it is then ill leave a video of it here, but i am planning over the 4 month holiday i have starting on friday to do multiple 1 - 7 day shoots, of builds so potentially 50 hours worth of just pure building to speed up and upload, but anyway what im asking is for a specific world to build on preferably one that has cool terrain and less populated, every build will have a different style, and the build may last a entire week of just pure grinding.

Here is the Asgan project fishery area which i had speed built-

So if you could just leave me interesting hard to build on worlds that would be great and i will choose from every world that is submitted, based on difficulty a reason i like gasan is due to the little space there is so i have to buld with a more dense, compact feeling…


Update i will be starting this build on the Saturday of this week as i finish my xams on friday but i want to record miners hell and Parallel island on the friday :slight_smile:

AAAAND i may consider doing build tutorials, so whether its a wall to keep mobs from getting into your territory, or a selection of housing styles i will try to make them as functional as possible while keeping Aesthetics

nice design
you make this video with 2 persons 1 is recording 1 is building ?

i am the only person and i do both i have a wayfarer rank account which i build with in the website, while i have a Alt account in the game on steam building

if i understand it now correct u have 2 accounts ?

yup bought an extra to record speed builds, im building a city in ruccie over the next week which ill timelapse into one episode

ok XD so u have a wayfarer and a adventurer account ^^

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im still taking in worlds but if i don’t get one im doing ruccie and im building a valley city if thats the case.

Ruccie definitely has some interesting terrain. I’d love to see what you can come up with.

should i do multiple parts or just one 15 minute video of it?

would it count as griefing if i removed griefing…

Ignore that ive found my place, i will post a picture in a minute

This is the place i have chosen and my goal is to fill the entire canyon area


one little update i do sketch everything before i build it so i have an idea of how it will look, so far ive done an average building, it has function and strength but also alot of Aesthetics

Well this is basically a new description but basically starting later today i will be doing a timelapse in a area in ruccie, im not giving co ords until i have a beacon up so ill be asking for one soon, but tomorrow im going to make a start on some of the Residental Housing, Already made the plans i just need to put them in action

Before Pic.


nice place, many options to build

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I fried my power supply hopefully getting a new one today

i have 2 pc XD but i found it funny a friend from my had the same problem 3 days before ^^ he smell something strange, and than he was just offline and had connection lost in teamspeak, 2 hours later he was back over his tablet XD and say me that^^

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