Tintable Water

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We can tint certain blocks, including timber. We can also tint signs.
Why can’t we have the ability to tint or dye water?

The source block would be the one that you would tint/dye.

Edit: Since water has been updated, we could dye each block or dye whole smart stacks and mass crafts.


I would tint all of my water blue or blue-ish purple :grin: and maybe black. Can I have glowing water if I mix a glowing shroom in it? lol

Would it be a mixer dye or?


Hmm a mixer dye could work. Maybe flower+glue?

I was thinking about it, since we can spray paint.

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there isnt any space to be able to store a colour value for liquids as the colour data pertains to blocks and blocks and liquids occupy the same physical spaces so we cant use the existing colour data for liquid. That means wed need an entirely new data storage for “color of liquid” which would increase RAM/bandwidth. Not impossible, just not sure its worth the cost…

Make we please dye mud!!!


Yes please I’m in dire need of this too :joy:
Some of the more recent exos have had beautiful shades of water in them and I’d love to be able to incorporate it into builds as well. Various color waterfalls and fountains to complement gardens or natural builds would be tops.


If I could do this I would probably use it in the chisel design of a floor… to help with navigation in a build. Like blue water would be for storage and red would be for workshop… green for a shopping area. Things like that.

I think it could be creatively used in some of those ways. I just hate how the color of water is tied to the world you’re on. :confused:


Awww that’s such a shame it would have been nice to have different water even if we just took coloured water from another normal planet and it stayed that way coloured, would have been fab I would have been so happy with that :hugs: