Titan Bubble

i have said this over multiple places but i would like to make 1 post for it, because i think it would be one of the best ways of doing it.

Titans are supposed to be dangerous, but if you can just run away like a chicken there is not much danger. so my solution is the bubble.

when you engage a titan it will create an outgoing magical bubble which will cover an area of 50 meters in radius that people can fight in, you cannot the leave the bubble, nobody can enter the bubble, the bubble will only go down when either 1) the titan is dead, 2 ) all of the players inside the bubble is dead

that way when you see a titan you have to make the choice, and that choice will have a consequence

this is the simplest version.

an option i think would be nice would be that only a specific amount of people can fight it at once so it isnt just a zerg rush fight

one of the problems could be the titans height and length though, which might require tweaking of the numbers, but i just think this system would be good because then engaging a titan is a decision you take and is not just something you do because you can go ‘‘meh, i can get away at any time anyways’’

@james thoughts?


I so like the idea of a lock in for Titan fights, as you say makes it engaging and no running away.

But what is so bad about allowing players to run away?


For me Titans should be like dungeon/raid bosses, so when you fight them your in till the end - be that good or bad.

The mentality. you tend to not take it serious if you know you can get away, this will make titans to a fight for the persons life, there is no middleground, he knows if he fails he will die, which will make it more intense, adrenaline filled and he will do his utmost best to complete the fight, but if they can just leave, there will not be a tension for fights, no consequences of choice, which is what i think the game needs, consequences. to make people think before going into a titan. nothing is more boring to me than going ‘‘whatever, i can just hook away anyways’’ which again, leaves a slacking mind and makes you not take it seriously

But I think it is more “realistic” if you still have the option to flee … may be no one can enter the bubble after the combat has begun (would be good if there is still a way to build up barricades or something different with blocks) and may be Teammates still can, but to let somebody being stuck there is not the way a survival game should handle it :wink:

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The titan activates a magic defense area whenever it is attacked, the titan is too slow to catch things quickly so it counters the lack of speed by trapping in the attackers.

boom. realistic.

titans should be a fight, a hard one, and it should be a choice, dont want to die? either get good enough to kill it or dont engage it. not that weakwilled mind of ‘‘but its unfair i get punished for taking bad decisions’’

also im not sure this counts purely as a survival game.

Uhh what I would like is tht the Range is really big, so if someone is like 30 blocks away and dont even know there’s an Titan they are suddenly trapped and either try to hide cause they dont want to fight it or join the fight :smiley:

Think about it, you just explore a bit and suddenly in front of your nose the Barrier appears because someone did start a fight with an titan nearby :smiley: And you only think, what the fu-ck?! xD

Yeah, but I for my part (and I think I’m not alone with it) want to stay alive … and when I titan is mighty as said, then even fleeing is not a simple way to get rid of it. But totaly stop players to be able to flee sounds still not a nice way to handle it :wink:

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yeah that is another one of the problems there could be with this system.

if you want to stay alive then dont fight the titan, thats the entire point of the system :smile:

if there is no danger, no consequences then the game will just feel bland and boring. titans should be what you fight as the strongest enemy on the given tier, the boss monster, its a way to not force some sort of insane chasing mechanics on the titans or just leave them useless to do anything when you try to leave.

‘‘Do or die, there is no try’’

Think we are at totaly different points of view here (not the first time ^^). I want there to be a way to flee, you don’t. If a titan is big and bad he would follow you of cause, throw stuff at you and use a quantity of skills to stop you and get you. But if you are good or have luck, you can flee. That’s how I want it to be handled … and you don’t, … understood ^^

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thats what i want to avoid, making a ton of useless anti coward mechanics and rather have more time used on proper fighting mechanics, but yes, you dont want consequences in the game, i can see that

so agree to disagree. :slight_smile:

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Well maybe have the fight bubble effect those who actually target and engage the Titan, if you dont get involved in the fight your instanced out of its combat ?

that could also be quite problematic to distinguish who are going to fight and who arent, things like healers and supports. maybe have an activation radius of 20 blocks where everybody within that would enter the fight and the rest would get knocked out. but that also sounds quite complex :confused:

Dont know of the complexity of this but if your supporting/healing an actual combatant then your part of the battle.

but if it makes it as soon as it gets hit that wont be possible. also it would force a healer or a support to waste a spell to stay in the fight and would be quite dooming if they miss by a second, i think the best solution would be proximity based smaller than the entire area so they just know they have to be that close.

or to just live with the knowledge that if you move around in the ‘‘titan biome’’ it might happen that you get caught.

Not enthused with this idea at all. Sounds more like this is going way too far towards MMORPG and less like Survival Voxel game. The very idea of an open-world sandbox game “controlling” what I choose to do really is just upsetting. I really hope that’s not the direction this game is going.

wouldnt by that logic mean that you are against creatures fighting? cause that would also limit what you can do no? if we assume it just counts as a fight logic.

sandbox shouldnt be = 0 consequences from choice (sadly it seems that is the general idea)

“Locking” me into a dungeon removes my future choices. Yes, I may have chosen to fight a Titan. But that path should not default to removing any future choices i.e. running away if I so choose. I really don’t want “Fiesta with the ability to dig blocks.”