Titans in oort online

One of the many special aspects of oort online are the titans.

the description who most of you already know are as following
”Some worlds are home to a Titan, sworn to defend an ancient Oort Temple containing the rarest resources and items, but they’re not easy to find. Grab some friends, divide across the world and search for Oort Temples.

Titans are incredibly aggressive and territorial. Once you’ve located an Oort Temple the fight begins. Don’t expect it to be an easy task, taking down a Titan requires strategy, time, planning and serious guts.
Titans are the deadliest of The Protectors, standing watch over the rarest loot. Ten times bigger than you, Titans cannot be taken down alone.”

so working with what what is known and what i think would be cool i’m going to dive into titans.

Size: i heard some rumors about the devs talking about the size but i couldnt find the info anywhere so the only info i have is the description ”Ten times bigger than you” to me that seems too small, ten times bigger is only 20 blocks high and that doesnt feel like a titan size more like a giant so i think they should be bigger.

Elements. I would personally love to see elements matter in the game and they have already said that the survival system will tie into a lot of things like freezing on a cold planet and being too hot on a desert one.
I think this would tie in amazingly to being elemental focused titans, so every world have a main theme which could be fire, ice, earth, water and other elements that may come into the game like shadow/death and light.
so if i play on a frost world then the titan(s) hidden on the world would be made of frost element, which would tie into combat (coming further down)

Uniqueness: I feel that every titan fight should feel epic, there are alot of different scetches of titans on the art page and i feel that the titans shouldnt all be the same, so there are speed based titans who are a little weaker but extremly fast so the battle becomes more fast paced and tank titans who are the big brutish somewhat slow titans that really packs a punch.

and what ties into the titans are unique attacks, im not sure how many you want and if they are going to respawn or what but i would like to see maybe a 100 different abilities for each titan type (sorry i know that is a massive amount of work) and then pick 10 of those abilities at random for each titan so the fights will never be the same and you never know what to expect, and then from 1 – 3 elemental based attacks so a fire titan might make most of the area around it burst into flames or a frost titan deepfreezes anything hit by its frost breath which then ties into needing elemental resistance.

Another thing would be having random names and titles (or predetermined) for each titan so we can always remember the battle, so like ”Kraug The Frozen” or ”Gald the flame lord) things like that

Difficulty: you call titans an epic fight and i really hope you mean it, what i would like to see would be one shots, litterally one shots so if you are not fast enough to move out of a punch you would be dead, i want wipes nobody should be able to go in and kil it first time unless they work extremely well together and are the best of the bests but rather learn the attacks and how to avoid them and when.
and i want to remember it a year from that day, i want to be able to ask my friend ”do you remember that time we fought the titan on septu with our guild” and he would smile and say yes, that is the feel i want from the titan, to be pushed to the limit of our abilities and then succeed

Mechanics: a lot of the players watch anime and most of us are dreaming of attack on titan so a great mechanic would be that, so the bigger slower titans would have weakpoints that you have to grappling hook close to and attack but it could kill you instantly if you aren’t quick enough to get away again.
other things would be like mentioned above that every boss is about understanding and reaction so if you dont move you are screwed instead of just attacking its feet until it dies.

Reward: im not sure if the titans respawn or not and if you will actually go as far as to make it named (really hope they have names though) but i would really like a system from the latest SAO episode because that would fit so well.
The system would be that in the citadel on every world there would be a giant stone tablet that people could inspect and on the tablet would be the name of every slain titan on every world and under that name there would be the names and guild name of every player who contributed to slaying that titan, this would be an immense reward to see your name on that tablet and know that it will be saved for everyone to see and it would be a way to get recognition in the world if you form a guild made only for titan slaying or if you are just a solo player who enjoys it.

Problems: Right so these are the things i think would be amazingly cool to see ingame but here are some of the problems that i have been thinking about with this and premade info

Players: how many players would it need to slay a titan? i would hope atleast a raid group of 25 people, but some info said that it might take an entire guild or city, but if you could bring 500 people there would be no fight in it so there need to be a limit on how many players can fight a titan at once

Rewards: I havent gone into the loot system because i think it’s cool but there is a problem with it, how would you split loot among a massive amount of people? if you let every player who wants to fight join and there would be 50 – 80 players who all want part in the loot, how would you balance it out so not only 2 or 3 people get something cool but that it still doesnt feel really rare because everyone got some.

I’m sorry for the long post and any errors which may be in it since english is not my native language.

What do you guys think? am i totally crazy or do some of the things sound like good ideas, would like to know :smiley:



I think it would be epic if the corpse of the titan wouldn’t despawn but could be ‘mined’. For instance a rock type titan would have rare minerals in his back/chest/whatever and hard bones that could be used in crafting for heavy amor and weapons while an air-type titan would have very light materials that could be used to craft clothes and gliders. With that looting mechanic the whole body could be used or showcased as a trophy (would be a gigantic(pun intended) waste tough :D)


maybe you could (as gory as it sounds) take his head and display it as a trophy so that it wouldn’t be such a waste. I like the idea of mining the body for umber rare materials though as this would promote team work and possible friendships.

titans will most likely be instanced though so everybody can enjoy it. i think it would be much cooler to do the randomization system, then every titan is unique but it must be insane to program, so it prob wont happen :confused:

Let me dream :smiley:

On this subject, I would like to point something out. In all the concept art we have seen, most of the protectors are made of stone. Now, the Titans, in particular, were created by the Oortians to protect there most sacred relics/supplies. But why would they make them out of stone, fire, water, ect? My theory, is that back in time when the Oortians empire was at its prime, it stumbled apone a dark, ancient evil, bent on destroying all life. The evil, at this time I call the Primevil, could be an enemy of everything, like the flood from halo.

In the world, I would like to see this life destroying enemy in the form of an infectious biom, consuming and destroying plants, animals, and terrain. Possibly there could be huge Primevil Titans, that could, if my theory is correct, fight with the Oortian Titans. Now that, would be and adventure!


only thing is you should be able to solo it if you use the right strategy or are strong enough to take a wallop …
thats one thing that always bugged me in MMOs is the raid party only aspects… unless its user created the standard should be beatable if your strong enough … challangeing? deffinately but doable solo…
or atleast with a few people … maybe im alone in this concept but if there are “titanSSS” then that means its not a “end game” type of deal and its not always going to be possible to organize a massive guild so if im wandering alone(like i do alot) and find a titan if i am good enough i should be able to take it down and horde my loots as a reward… locked off content to antisocial soloists shouldent be a thing for a big feature like the temples … or perhaps a way to sneak past them if your crafty enough and steal the loot and escape before death comes to claim its reward(your corpse)…
having a challange is good a impossible lot of enemies that are only able to be taken on if you are super social and happen to get a really good party(how many of those are you able to organize in most mmos without a whole lot of redeyeing) not so much now endgame boss that takes a massive guild to take down yeah sure thats ok … but titans seem to be a major piece of Oort so i dont see a key feature being that impossible would be good for the fun aspect of the game… creating elitism yup that will do it … back to the early MMO days of “you n00b”…

and the scale of the party … more offten then not you wont find people that hardcore… 25 is a bit much 5 is more doable in terms of finding good party members…

otherwise whats the point of the titans? a mega boss that is rare to find then you have to get a rare ocassion of getting 25+ people together that are good at partying? it takes away from the fun… and adds to the frustration and anger that breeds in most mmos …

thats my thoughts on it…

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Have you been looking through our windows? :grin:


There needs to be a joke titan, it’s just a rock with googly-eyes and drops a few stones when killed. :full_moon_with_face:

Perhaps you could solo the other protectors but as for the Titans being such powerful beings it seems right that one person could not take them down themselves.

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seems like titans a re sorta end game i got that one wrong sorry i was thinking the other protectors aswell and lumping them into the same catigory

titans would be like your normal raid boss on steroids… they should definately NOT be solo able, i understand what you mean, but you have the solo mentality that sadly is pretty big in MMO’S right now, the ‘‘i dont want to be locked away from content just because i dont have anybody else to play with, i want to be able to solo EVERYTHING’’
soloing a titan shouldnt be possible, no matter how good you are, it should be hard even for a dedicated raid group, since they are the ultimate endgame bosses.

the other protectors though i think are just normal enemies and you should be able to solo MOST of it, hopefully they will make smaller bosses which you technically could solo by playing well (like BAM’s from tera) but would hit hard and kill you if you mess up.

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Perhaps it could be possible to solo some protectors but not all of them. Similloar to how you mentioned in another topic of how you can see an enemies information and based off of that decide whether or not to fight?

honestly i think protectors are just normal enemies, its like bandits or orc in other games.

It would be nice if they made protectors mini-bosses that could be solo-ed. But still have smaller more biome relative enemies. That way if your playing by yourself you can still get good loot without having to piggy-back a group fighting a titan.

there are creatures, and protectors.

you idea would mean

all protectors = Miniboss, boss, raidboss
all animals = the rest of the enemy types and normal enemies.

This is how we see Titans fitting into the core Oort Online gameplay loop at the moment: https://forum.oortonline.com/t/about-the-oort-online-gameplay-loop/250

The intense strategy and coordination needed just to run a raid group can be overwhelming. I believe this is why WoW went from 40 person raid groups to 25. Getting 40+ people all on at the same time and for 2+ hours and working fluidly together can be overwhelming…

i hope there is a titan that need to kill slowly. like when at starting fight he just fight like normal monster giant then you need to destroying his foot first and then the titan will fight by crawling and jumping to you and it will make titan more aggresive and then you can actually kill it or you can try to destroy his head first so the fight will end fast but the titan is still alive and rather than kill it fast by destroying his head… it just make it worse the titan rampaging cause cant see ■■■■ and the fight become more intense and then you try to destroy the chest where his heart lie in there

mmkay, Here’s my two bits.

A: I would really like it if, after you just dodged a slow attack from a really big titan, you’d actually be able to climb up on top of the titan and battle it from there.


B: about your number of players problem. what if, when one player is attacking a titan, he doesn’t really wake up all the way, and he’s just sorta sluggish, but then when more players come in, the titan gets more mad, and he starts moving faster to make up for the increased amount of attackers. then, up when you get a whole bunch of players attacking the same titan, he starts getting REALLY mad and begins summoning his buddies, doing area effect attacks, and destroying the landscape around him. so unless you have enough players to have each guy do one attack and the guy is dead, you have a pretty well balanced system.