Titles ingame

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I love titles, alot. i think that you should have titles to express yourself. 1 game that has an amazing amount of titles is Tera, they have titles for nearly everything, which might be slightly overkill. but back on topic

the best title system i have seen yet is in the repopulation. repop uses a system where you can choose a prefix and a suffix title

so if we made it into this game this would be an example

Prefix: Guildmaster, Suffix: The Titanslayer. Name: Zouls

i would appear to people as ‘‘Guildmaster Zouls, The Titanslayer’’

any ideas of this? also post your favorite titles, mine is prob from tera, its called ‘‘Angel of Death’’ and requires you to die 1000 times xD


There will be titles somewhere in game, we’ll first allow backers to have theirs displayed (eg: Wayfarer)


Titles are almost a must, and I definitely agree with the Prefix/Suffix format.

I think prefixes should be related to guilds and only, so

  1. Inductee/Recruit
  2. Officer
  3. Guildmaster

Then the auxiliary titles can be attributed towards our deeds, be they crafting proficiencies, number of beasties or Titans slain, number of character deaths, amount of resources owned, worlds explored, and backer titles. (Ex: Umajianu, The Wayfarer)

Getting this back up to see what people think, and kinda linked to the idea of achievements, what achievements do you think should give specific titles?

Definitely world firsts, If possible. World first T2 titan killed etc. and maybe at some point there could even be seasons for that, but that could be really cool.

The title could be like “The First” or “Lotad’s First”
So Officer b00n, Lotad’s First
I just think that would be really neat.
Obviously at some point it would be somewhat pointless, unless new content or worlds were released or worlds got reset… Thats why I said at some point seasons that last 3-6 months could be really neat.

reviving the thread, Come up with titles you would love to see ingame :smiley: , please if you have something make a point and then a short description. examples

  • Loremaster (Prefix) Figure out where the titans came from
  • Master weaponsmith (prefix) Max out the weaponsmith profession (this would go for all crafting professions, so maxing artificing gives you the title ‘‘Master Artificer’’

I don´t know which or what titles should be in game or how many different titles there should be so I´m just listing something that comes to my mind and maybe somebody will get inspiration from it.

PvE -titles:

  • the Champion or the Defeater Kill a titan
    next step could be like @Zouls said:
  • The Titanslayer Kill every different titan once
  • Slayer of ??? Kill 100,500 or 1000 times certain creature
  • Slayer Master Kill every creature once
  • the Glorious Certain number of player kills?

Level up or experience -titles

  • Sword Artist Certain skill or level or experience in something or sword kills?

  • Archmage Certain level / experience / equipment / magic kills?

  • Skilful Get to certain level / total level / experince

  • Veteran Get to certain level / experience / game time / days played

  • the Master or Maxed Get every skill to maximum level.

Few that sound nice, but I don´t know how one could get them:

  • the Completionist ???
  • Final Boss ???
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Lets get some more title ideas going, just for the lulz. yaay

Ascender: Highest “Home” spawn point
Descender: Lowest “Home” spawn point

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so, to be clear, would people be able to make up their own titles? 'cause I’m liking the title ‘cheese lord’ or ‘voice of the slimes.’

maybe you could make your own titles, but if you actually earned a title then it would show next to your name in different colors than normal, just so people would know you actually worked for that one.

I’d be happy with that. So self proclaimed titles may have a certain look or color scheme, but earned titles would have some other color or embellishments to show achivement. What about maybe having titles granted by the community? Maybe players with the proper qualifications could vote to grant a title to another player? That would certainly be cool for RP groups.


I like the idea of titles, especially in the prefix/suffix format, and being able to select your own title combination from a set of assigned / earned ones would be excellent.

I think the only thing that would stop self-proclaimed titles would be the policing of it, to make sure people weren’t adding anything rude or offensive.


From the graves.

I think this would be really neat thing to have.

I think earned titles would be a cool idea “the gatherer, the farmer, the explorer” etc, but have no interest of being Overlord Ovis the Beast Slayer :joy:

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Well this topic was made back in 2015… lot has changed… i would also like something like that…

Wow. Just realised that :joy: Phat zombie post

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The supreme commander general leader of the community @Orrian approves of this but he’ll need a couple more prefixes and suffixes

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They have to actually be earned tho! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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totally read the thread title wrong…been a long day.

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Tags would be useful. I change my Alts skill sets around a lot and would be nice if I could add abbreviations to remember what alt has what type of specialized skill set.

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