TNT high tier update

The time has come. I have spent the last few months, as mentioned in the TNT PSA back in February, designing and building what you see below.




This spacious redesign is a result of a discussion with a close friend regarding modular design and its application.

Like the previous switch-over we’ve done before, we will cover the reopening cost for portals that are currently open. The old Hub portals will be linked to the new for 2 weeks ending on 2022-10-26T02:00:00Z, in which time everything will officially switch over. Just reach out to us here or preferably via discord.

A spot has been reserved for each of y’all. Wooooo :tada: :tada: :tada:

We need to provide new tokens and reopen Oort to the following beacon owners(I tried my best to tag you in the forums);
T5 - Serpensarindi

  1. :white_check_mark:Gleam Silk yellow
  2. PSI XII
  3. :white_check_mark:AdoraLupinatu – Kult 2x2
  4. Birkeland - Velkovsky
  5. Phaedre - Empress
  6. Kickery - Qualt
  7. Billyboy2020 – SAGI BALZ
  8. DimitriTheHunter - Vikings
  9. :white_check_mark:Wondernut – Teddy Bear
  10. Mirage
  11. :white_check_mark: Huntsman – Diamond Club
  12. :white_check_mark:Jarohdan – The Lair
    T5 - Beseverona
  13. :white_check_mark:Gleam Light Yellow
  14. Wert-drwall – Been Duchy
  15. Gyula – Detroit Rock City
  16. Slene1lb – Spooky City
  17. Tx3junior 2x2
  18. MrBurns
  19. :white_check_mark:EmBee – Edge of The Dark
  20. @Helmut - Sharine
  21. Jasmin - Hamburg
  22. Kessi - Belandrion
    T5 - Alnitans
  23. :white_check_mark:Gleam Stark yellow
  24. :white_check_mark:Vanq – Land of The Dead
  25. :white_check_mark: XxymoxyxX - Shadowdale
    T5 - Flan🍮
  26. :white_check_mark:Gleam Bright Blue
  27. :white_check_mark:Noniechu
    T6 - Cardass
  28. :white_check_mark:Gleam Silk Teal
  29. :white_check_mark:HOST Error
  30. :white_check_mark:Tarah – LV-426 Tarah’s T6 Hub
  31. :white_check_mark:thestrategiclion - Titan
  32. :white_check_mark:Brick – Planet Donkey
  33. TRASHFIRE - Somewhere
  34. :white_check_mark:D0SIus – Astra XIII
    T6 – Shedu Tier
  36. :white_check_mark:Gleam Bright Magenta
  37. :white_check_mark:Naeah - Tarlin
  38. :white_check_mark:Naeah – Doq ‘ej SoD
  39. :white_check_mark:PrincessMaude Vandi I
  40. :white_check_mark:KYLANET X
  41. :white_check_mark: LunaShaele - Fantasia
  42. :white_check_mark:Izzabell – Viking Diamonds
  43. Noore Los Potatos
  44. Lyria – The Lonely Tree
  45. @DJDancecraft Hectic
  47. :white_check_mark:Chicula - :bat:
  48. Grovinski – ORISUS FINIS
  49. :white_check_mark:Squeekums – Four Corners
  50. :white_check_mark:Stalwart - VBK
    T6 - Alcyon
  51. :white_check_mark:Gleam Light Lilac
  52. :white_check_mark: leperous1 – Leper’s Mine
  53. :white_check_mark: Agamemnon - Hyrule
  54. :white_check_mark: Agamemnon – Stardrop Valley Sap Farm
  55. paka – Paka’s Palace
  56. CiaraTheBold – Electric Yams
  57. :white_check_mark:Jarohdan – Fox Hole
    T6 – Galan
  58. :white_check_mark:Gleam Light Tan
  59. Plume – FCF Topaz Mine
  60. :white_check_mark:BingBongDingDong - Luna
    T6 - Malurialakrib
  61. :white_check_mark:Gleam Stale Moss
  62. :white_check_mark: Leperous – Nothing Box
  63. Glowfrost
  64. :white_check_mark:Squeekums – Limes Titoni
  65. Oath -
    T6 – Kool Huroo
  66. :white_check_mark:Gleam Cold Tan
  68. :white_check_mark:Brick – Asal Mór
  69. :white_check_mark:SickMyDuck - HOST
  70. :white_check_mark:Testing-game – LOOT FARM
  71. :white_check_mark:AlexxChristo FEATHERS FALL
  72. :white_check_mark:Tarah – Ku’Bak Tarah’s T6 Hub
  73. :white_check_mark:NL-Tim – A New Beginning
  74. Tacia – Bay Lambada
  75. :white_check_mark:Squeekums – Kol Huroo Spire
    T6 - Houchas I
  76. :white_check_mark:Gleam White
  77. :white_check_mark: BabyCookie – Cookie Kingdom
  78. :white_check_mark: Solgato – Schrodingers Bash
  79. Krewklick – Evilution X
  80. :white_check_mark:NIBELHEIM XII
  81. :white_check_mark:Cula - Beladriel
  82. :white_check_mark:BETALISTA
  83. :white_check_mark:Brick – YEEHAW LITTLE DONKEY
  84. :white_check_mark:Novaria - TOPIAZINGA
  85. :white_check_mark:refgar - Diorda
  86. :white_check_mark: Mortale – The Corrupted Forest
  87. Thorrockus – Thor’s Ice
    T6 – Norkyna
  89. :white_check_mark:Gleam Cold Teal
  90. :white_check_mark:Git - Seneca
  91. :white_check_mark:Cula – Forlorn Outpost
  92. DaughterOfEve - Riflon
  93. :white_check_mark:Bedroc – Nowhere


These hubs are designed to have two levels AND to be expanded as needed.


Thank you all for your continued support!

Of course, me being me, I designed this in MagicaVoxel


Preliminary Design

Interior shot

Base model vs Chisel mapping

LVL 2 will look like this


These are fantastic looking, great job building my friend!

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Noooooo I don’t have a special portal anymore (Q.Q)

Today is a sad day thank for the special portal Nix-chan I gotta say bye to it (Q.Q)



Also… Hell yeah can’t wait to see!

Who gets to boom the old hubs lol



@kasaisaru I’ve put a request basket for portal tokens at my Planet Donkey hub with your name on it. If you want to put the tokens for 32, 68 and 83 in there that would be great.

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I will be in game in about 12 hours to help facilitate the distributions of tokens.

I’m going to position my Kas alts across hubs for ease. Just need to be summoned via discord and I’ll magically appear over to y’all.

@cagian that’s actually a good plan. The Kas Delivery Service is totally a thing too.


Dang, guess that means I’ll have to log in on Friday and get a new token!

The new designs are looking great! Thanks for pinging me too, as I probably needed it

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So, is the idea to replace the whole network over time? or just the T5?

T5 and T6 are the ones that are done now. To my knowledge we don’t have any immediate plans to replace the whole network. But, then again, I don’t know everything. :smiley:


OK, thank you @Naeah.

I own that one :grin: KingLeonidas

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Nicely done.
Look forward to seeing it when it’s transitioned over.
Great job.

@SilverSunn yep @Naeah is correct it’s only the high tier that is upgrading. I tend to go a lil nuts with my designs tho. They end up looking amazing but not practical at all.

@TheVicious85 sweet I got you tonight.

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I’m standing in the megahub right now. eating but still im here

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Thanks for the tokens.

I even got a random one dropped in there from somebody else. Even in a game you can’t escape unsolicited junk mail! :grin:


12 and 57, belonging to Jarohdan - we are in Australia, and he won’t have time to get back into the game until the weekend. I will tell him to try and find you


I will need a 1x2 for houchus I. I will setup a request basket. I’m located at joker farm for the portal at TNT hub. 2nd floor.

@Eneitgranny I can meet up with either of you around 2022-10-20T05:30:00Z since I get out from work late today.

@FF7animefreak2 new portal? If so I’ll save you a spot just let us know which one ya like

It may be closer to 4:45 pm by the time Jarohdan gets home from work, if that’s ok?