TNT MEGAHUB: One Jump To Freedom


No chart saying what the colors mean on those two? Or can I not see them since I’m on mobile. And may I ask why the change from alphabetical order to tier order.

Hopefully the other one sticks around too cause it is actually easier for me. Plus has the color code


Red means bad.

Notice how theres none on circ :wink:


Yes I understand that but it was a way of letting you know shard cost


Yeah i was just playing. I think im funny.


I get ya now. Re-added the shart cost chart.


Colors in the middle is just a gradient between the two extremes, from green to yellow to red. The planet name colours are the tier indicators. Arranged by tier and then alphabetically, keeping T1-3 grouped since you don’t need any protection there. This is mainly to make choosing a planet to stage from easier, most of the time you’re not looking for T4+, and the chart also flows better with no sudden jumps (ok aus servers are a jump) in the middle.

This is just a screenshot of Blinksec Table / Portal Helper you can make a copy of that and arrange to whichever order you want to and make a custom version :slight_smile: There’s also a shards/h between planets tab there.

edit: should I make a similar version with the shards/h tab? Ok I’ll make one… I just like data to be up to date and complete


Ahh yea I’ll just find the old one and save it to my phone. Much preferred layout for myself. Easier on mobile too. Also environmental protection is not a worry for me on any character.

N thanks for making these.


Here ya go


Yeah I was just saddened that the old one doesn’t have all of the planets so had to make new ones. And I never had the colour vision to actually see what the shard cost was so had to reference it anyway :sweat_smile:

Oh and I worry about enviro protection when setting up a shop a lot, not a good idea to have a shop on T6 since it’d cut off a large playerbase, new players especially.


I was up to running about 30 portals at one stage, and never once have i looked at shards/hr.

Maybe this is why im still a poor oort.


:sweat_smile: I’m getting poor myself too. More portals open less goods selling. Guess that’s what I get for being ambitious and opening farms up. Might have to close some portals


I reckon with the free skill resets up to level 20 thats not as much of an issue anymore. Im not new so im assuming, but id say skills points arent quite as rationed in the early stages as they used to be.


any place I feel is nice I end up building on and end up putting a shop on :joy: different goods at each place. Like dzassak has my regen shop(plus farms which sell goods as well)


Yeah, there’s also convenience, when I was a new player and looked in to a mall portal and saw a toxic cloud I didn’t take the time to add the protection I need, too time consuming just to see if the shop has what I need. A bit different for a hub that itself is in a T4 so you already have the protection if you’re using it in the first place, so I don’t think it affects a hub so much.

But anyway people are free to modify the chart in any way they see fit, improvements especially are welcomed. Use whichever you find to be the best one :slight_smile:


To Dzassak you will need a 2x4 port and 2 points in your ‘warp and portal distance’ skill. :grin:


Yeah agreed, and we did debate that one a bit in our guild. But circ is just so damn pretty that we would be happy there even without new friends.


Yes, I’d been eyeing on circ aswell, like the colour palette there a lot!


Lol less portals but segi sorissi and McRib are my main bases. Gyosha has my main shop at the moment.

@Mayumichi yea to me when I started I felt protections were one of the first things needed. By lvl 15 I had the protections to get to any planet. I feel it’s a better bet to have them so you can freely explore and not worry about oh can I go here. Even my crafter has them.


Ok, I’m in! :slight_smile: I figured a couple of my portals were sort of redundant as I had several easy ways to get to those places, so closed them and opened this one, should be fine for awhile. Thanks again!


I just opened my portal, It’s next to the aqua embassy