TNT MEGAHUB: Sov Portals

The Nixian Trust proudly presents…


Anyone who liked the DBX hub, is going to LOVE our new and improved hub.

Same clean and easy design, but on a massive scale, in the optimum spot for connecting to everywhere.

Strategically located on Circarpous, every T1 to T4 planet is reachable with a maximum of 8 conduits, usually less (except lasania which needs 10, but i feel your pain, I’m aussie too).

Ever wanted that portal to ultima but couldnt afford a 24 conduit beast? Well now you can do it in one jump for a 3rd of the cost.

And sooo much more.

Grab yourself a free token of your choice, and unlock an instant network to all the major hubs in the game.

TNT MEGAHUB has direct connections to all the hotspots below for you to take advantage of, with more on the way.

Connections list as of 29 April:

  • Ultima HQ
  • Portal Seekers - Alder & Seginiakai
  • Ultima US West Gateway
  • Ultima Besevrona Gateway
  • Crypt Hub
  • Ultima Mall
  • Gyosha Mall Hub
  • Legendville Hub
  • Aqua Embassy Hub
  • Legendville Mall
  • Slingbow Depot
  • Meteor Meet
  • Camelot
  • Waterfront Outlets
  • Elysian Fields
  • Hydronia
  • Alaska Hub
  • Elsie’s Shop
  • Purgatory
  • Code Gleam
  • Thrilloilogy
  • Ultima Gate Circarpous
  • Biitula Mall
  • Duskmoor
  • Jade Shop
  • Anarchy Exchange
  • Glitch World
  • Painsville
  • Fantasy Tree
  • Coinland
  • Boulderdash Hunting Lodge
  • Fairytale Worlds
  • Infinity Mall
  • Wally World
  • Elbwiesen
  • Quebec Mall
  • Doom 101
  • Sunlight
  • Golden Fist
  • TNT Starberry Farm
  • Hunt Hive
  • Spencers Plaza
  • Echelon
  • The Great Underground Empire


For anyone wondering what port sizes they might need
(Thanks to @Mayumichi)

And shard costs



Ill definitely look into it,Is there a requirement to be meant to open a portal? Like prestige?

I would not think so, but a good question to ask. You just need the skill to do so opened on your character. I bet they would help with that also.


Yeah… i was just looking for a portal hub to connect my base to, perfect timing if you ask me and I was just there yesterday.

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Yeah you’ll just need some points in warp and portal distance.

Which planet are you on?

And no, no requirements on our end for portals. The more the merrier!

Edit: just return the favour with a sign on your side saying “TNT MEGAHUB”.

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I’m on beckon.

it wont be another 6 hours till i get home though lol

Thats ok, heaps of ports there. Help yourself whenever youre ready.

For beckon you’ll need a 2x4 portal, and 2 points in your ‘warp and portal distance’ skill.

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Added portal and blinksecs charts to OP

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kk ill work on those points when i get home, i have the portal epic just not the distance skill

You only need em to open it, can remove em after if needed.

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I’m close to leveling up so it should be fine

Nice! :slight_smile: Now that I’m doing a little better in the game, I might spring for it once I get a bit more Oort-secure.

Oh, since it has been a while since I’ve not had points in protections and needed to worry about it, what protection and level is needed to survive there? I have newcomers around my place so I’d want to put up a warning!

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Good stuff! Looks clean

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Just 1 point in caustic

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Might I interest you with an updated chart?

Or maybe even a chart with the conduit counts between planets?

edit: I see a graphical bug in the bottom one, will have to fix it
edit2: fixed

edit3: oort shards between planets


Great, thanks!!

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Yes, yes you might!

Haha. Thats awesome. Thanks!

Let me know if you update the 2nd one. Im gonna add these to the first post. Awesome resource.