TNT MEGAHUB: One Jump To Freedom


It will be really creepy if someone revives you…you’ll slowly float/rise from your grave :open_mouth::joy:


Oh yeah!! :rofl: That would make an epic recording, someone coming up on my corpse in my grave and reviving it… unless @georgegroeg gets there first and fills in the blocks above me to finish the job… :joy:


Even better when you have been revived already but haven’t activated it, then it gets filled with blocks and you hit revive, you will rise out of the ground!!!


Lol that’s pretty hilarious.


The more I think about this the more I know I’ve got to stage and have someone record this whole setup some day… :rofl:


Phase 2 of the MEGAHUB Mega Expansion is very, very, close… and shall be revealed soon :sunglasses:

At last count we were at 67 active portals, but that was a few days ago so lets just call it 70…

Which means, the hub is at about 70% capacity. Once personal portals are full they are full. There is no room for more, and it will be a case of having to wait for one to free up.

Grab a free token now if you dont want to hate yourself later.

Phase 3 will be a game changer.


You know uni3k, am surprised you don’t have a connection yet to the premier Nova Golda Market on Trung :wink:


Im guessing thats cause you havent opened one yet. Our other 70 residents would probably like your place too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was waiting for you to ask me for a portal :wink:

But ok, I can pop by after lunch, ehh, brunch more like to find a nice spot at your place!


Nice, thanks Aenea, I was thinking that was the one thing really missing there! :slight_smile: Now I can get to my hammers quicker. :wink:


And it’s there!!

@uni3k I accidentally bought the wrong token first, I thought one portal was a 2x4 but it was 2x3 which is not big enough for the distance. My bad!


Phase two of the MEGAHUB Mega Expansion is officially open!

Phase three is coming soon, and it will be way more MEGA than anything we’ve done before…


I was looking for a new t6 portal system that was more convenient than ps hub after I had closed that potal😀


TnT now has a connection to River Towns! There we have a fast connection in a row to all T6 worlds! :slight_smile: Maybe you like it!


I am happy to report we have successfully eradicated our pest problem. TNT MEGAHUB is now safe, at least 98% of the time.

Also… i have recently learnt that i cant count to 2.

Somehow over the last few posts i managed to completely skip phase 1 of the Megahub MEGA Expansion.

So in the spirit of being completely inconsistent, phase 7 of the expansion is getting very close. Just finalising things now.

Last warning… grab a free portal now before they’re all gone.


Absolutely love the new T6 network, my compliments - and so convenient for me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The Norkyna portal, wow, you all got a great area for that for us miners. :wink: I went nuts the other day, hit part of that huge amethyst hotspot ring nearby, just loaded up on all sorts of stuff.


@Ratchel … Want to hook up a couple farms?


Yea if you like have some 1*2 portals on all the farms that are T6 tokens set up and everything


Glad youre enjoying it. Tried to find spots for most that were near good resources.

Kol huroo is an awesome spot with literally 1000s of sweetbeans and exotics in a massive desert next to it.

But Galan is my fav… :wink:


YES! I should have mentioned Kol Huroo too, that spot is incredible! I’ve been hunting and gathering a lot there. :slight_smile: You all picked some real gems for spots, literally!