To clarify: I am not against the in game purchase

I have always stressed: to take care of the new player experience

Look at the update in the past half year, developers seem focusing on improving the difficulty and prolonging the play time of the player.
For the players who participate in EA, this is actually quite good.
It does make the player less likely and quickly to get bored (the game late stage will always be boring).

But it seems that the developer fell into a trap - Skilled player trap.
It seems that the developers default all players who join the game are professional player, they can understand the game process and instantly understand what should to do.

But this game doesn’t seem just developed for us who are participating in EA, right?

These changes seem very really pretty good - for skilled players.
But they are really the hell of new players who are not familiar this game.

The returning players who lived on the level 3 planet before are almost impossible to do any thing.
New players who lose protection at level 6 will be infinitely hunted by hostile creatures in their own home.

It’s definitely a huge mistake to make player feel frustrated greater than feel good.

When a new player runs out Cubit on more plots, and his wrong skill selection makes he hardly to facing any hostile creatures, because there is no free skill reset point, he can’t reset its skills.
If he died, go back just go die, until the experience down to 0.
Do you think he will choose to delete the character and start again?
No, he will only uninstall this game, give a 1 star bad review and telling others this game is a garbage, Minecraft is better and cheaper!


Hi Flithor,

Thanks for elaborating on your thoughts, I saw you were displeased on Discord yesterday and was hoping you’d come here to talk more about it. I’m gunna pick out the main points of your post below:

This may be the situation for some players at the moment - if you were living on a difficult world before and have just come back, it’s possible that it will be harder as the balance has been updated. However, the new Universe is being released sometime next week (subject to change). All players will be starting on Tier 0-1 worlds, on these worlds the creatures are not hostile unless you attack them, so new players aren’t going to be hunted down all the time, unless they travel to a higher tier world (which will take them a little longer to do as they need the materials to get totem ammo for the warp). When they eventually do get to a higher tier world, the warp displays a warning to let them know what type of world it is - “dangerous”, “inhospitable”, “toxic” etc, so they should know it’s going to be tougher.

This is most certainly a valid point and has been discussed quite a lot on the forums. We’re currently discussing this at the studio, I can never guarantee a change until the discussion is over, but we are aware of the potential issues not having cleanse points could cause for new players.


This kind of problem will inevitably reappear in the future, unless you are think that a player will never come back after he has left the game for a long time.

So it’s meant you will remove Spitter in low level planet?

Well as i mention on other post, its more about the feeling.
When new player saw they only have 2 plot for build + the cash shop thing.
I bet at least 60% of them will just refund the game.
I don’t feel they will find any guide on steam or youtube or anything.

This post is very clear point out that new player won’t be able to understand what skill they need to pick.
Right now a lot of things are too harsh to the new players and solo players.
I know Devs may want to increase the connection for people.
But a lot of new players join the game as solo player at beginning.
Until they willing to stay for long turn they find their connection to others.

Maybe at least keep 1 skill rest chance / week.
I still remember when i was new i reset over 3 times in a month.
Also i don’t feel its fair for them to spend a lot of cubit to exchange the skill reset / cleanse.
Since like us EA player we have better knowledge and understanding of the game, so we know how to spend the cubit to exchange what we need.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I will see if you guys change the system i may consider to join back.
Because right now the new system really make me sick.

I think at least add the skill rest / cleanse points / plots on cubit for the weekly exchange limit.
For example, you can only buy 3 times skill reset or 3 times cleanse. Same method to plots.
Otherwise its too much benefit for players who willing to spend tons of money.
As i said, its more about feeling.
I know those cash shop won’t affect game play a lot, however what i am seeking for is only the fair system.

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Did you play the game the last days? On peaceful worlds spitter won’t attack you. The just walk and make some noise. So they are not needed to be removed :slight_smile:

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Interesting tactic…

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Its not black mail lol
I back to the game really matter to u guys or dev ?
I just saying that i may consider to join back if the system is what i want to play.
Whats wrong with this ?

So limit the dev’s ability to make money because again a player being able to have a bunch of skill resets or cleanse points is somehow pay to win?

Yeah they gain more if they pay more isn’t it correct ?
You can call it w.e you like pay 2 win / pay for convenience .
They gain more things than others its the fact u can’t deny it.

How does changing your skill points 1 time or 100 times in 1 day because someone threw away there money in order to do it…


Pay to win???

I think that this is a good idea - it still encourages the cubit spend (whether earned via in game mechanics or via real world money), but adds a preventative measure to stop it being abused to the point that you can plot half a planet before others get a chance, or you can reset your skills so often that you can get around the skill progression system.

Side note: Please keep the discussion civil - discuss the topic, not the people in it. :+1:


I dont want to argue with you here lol
I still post on the forum is only because i loved the alpha beta’s game play style more.
So i wish the game can somehow ( not entire part) become the game i enjoyed.
If not, its fine.
There are other games in the market.
I can always choose the game i love to play. I don’t see any problem here.
On that moment, you wont see me for sure lol

If you only allow one voice in the forum i really have nothing to talk to you.

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I am appropriate for this.

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Lets look at this concept…
Is spending money to reset your skill points really an efficient way to accomplish this…
Why would you do this perhaps you can’t cook and you need to cook stuff?
Or maybe you need to make some Machines that you currently can’t with your character…

You could toss the skill reset at the problem and use real money to get the skill resets.
To Me this sounds great because the dev’s make money to keep this game going because its only solving a problem that matters to you, it doesn’t matter to me nor does it impact me.

Lets take the arguement further, maybe this person is doing it so they can make a mega shop to control the economy? Now this does have ramification for others shop keepers who may not be using there money to change there skill sets.

I would argue that they are waisting there real life money… As I would simply level a character to level 10ish to get 600 cubits and buy another character slot and quickly level that character up to do all the crafting I couldnt do on the other character… And I spent 0 real life dollars and they have no advantage on my shop. Did they attempt to solve there personal issue with real life money yes! They did, did it give them an advantage over me? No it did not…

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So asking you to actually explain how this is Pay to Win is arguing???

How about i just spend 20000$ to buy all the plots / skill rest / cleanse point at lvl 1 ?
At lvl 10 i can switch between crafter / miner every hour.
I can also have giant plot size to build everything i want.
I can have max 10 alt slots.

Which without money you can’t do it.
With all the money i spend, when my lvl reach to 40 , i can craft / i can forge / i can hunt / i can mine with the best skill set up.

I don’t even need the skill set to do it.

The only thing i need to do is buy the skill reset every hour lol

When i reach to lvl 50 i can use the cubit i earn from game to buy all the plots to build if i want.

nope, recent changes make me dissatisfied, and I’ve found more intersting things…

So Honestly every player in Boundless at this point should thank you for funding the developers. Who will now be flush with funds they can use to make the game even better…

And what did you really get out of your 20,000 dollars More plots then you have time to build on!!!
A Character you will now spend so much time constantly swapping out your skills that the rest of the world around you will be using said time to “I don’t know actually skill there characters up” And they will be doing everything you can do for free…

And again anyone can have 10 alt slots without paying a dime… But hey you will have those 9 empty alt slots before everyone else… Great, you should, if you spent 20,000 …

I mean seriously this is a win win win for anyone who is playing the game for free that anyone would be this foolish…

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yeah they can do it for free but takes weeks to months.
i can focusing on the hunting build and don’t need to worry about crafting / source gathering when my lvl is low.
when my lvl reach 50 which others still can’t use the skill set function ( only 100 total points) I can build hunter first and travel to higher lvl planet and start gather source with bomb mining.
Next i sell all the source to market or i use those to craft the thing i want.

The best part is as the miner / crafter i don’t need to worry about combat, i can switch to hunter build if i need.
When i need Miner i can always switch back.

Again, maybe its not “win” for everyone. or you can call it more “convenience”.
But that kind of convenience is way too much for me.