To the guys here since release

Or the devs, or anyone really:

What were you most surprised at with this game?

I mean, like, when I bought Boundless a few months ago I never thought that there’d be huge malls. That surprised me first. Kudos to all the mall owners btw!

The thing that amazed me the most is that there are sports here. SPORTS! Created by players! Dodge bombs is so much fun and can’t wait to try Foom!

Just wondered if I’m just lame being amazed at things like this in a game, or if others felt the same.


I"m surprised that I haven’t heard about a property dispute in a while.


I remember landing next to Moebius Plaza back in EA and I kept thinking if that was dev-made or player made. Didn’t think players would make such big creations. We now have even bigger builds!

I was also surprised with the amount of loot you get from hunts. Kept shouting (like the noob i was) so much loot so much loot haha.


Most probably the following scenario (try to sing it) - It’s there, it’s there, it’s there - but you don’t know about it


Much like what @RedY3 said. I was surprised at the scope of the game. . . and from a first person perspective, all of that effort translates into such an overwhelming effect. The planets are huge, the regions are huge, there is land to select everywhere and builds have few limitations. I am still surprised at the scope of the game when I consider it, which makes @Simoyd comment even that much more hilarious.


Yup. It does seem like there are less though.


What has really suprised me over the past few years are the people. How many good folks I have met who I still talk to on a daily or weekly schedule.

Also how many things come and go. People can build a great city or hub, then poof its time for someone else to rise to prominence.


Power coils sold for 7k each, but unless I forfeit family, career and sleep… my single shot hammer was good for 80 diamonds every 2 days… 3 months later the universe expanded. And there were diamonds for everyone!! Yay!


I didn’t play for a bit after EA was wiped, but when I came back, I was surprised by forging! Before, the pattern that tools would hit in was based off of gem type, like emerald would hit in a cross pattern, Ruby in 1×2, etc. It took my a while to figure out how to get aoe again. I definitely like forging more than that though!


Being able to travel to another whole planet and explore, build - whatever I wanted. Not another map, not another region, not another island…a whole new world (now that song is stuck in your head, you’re welcome bhwhahahaha!)

The other things that :star_struck: amaze me are:

The grapple. It’s literally perfect, especially when compared to the ones in other games imo.

How deep forging is. You don’t just toss ore into a machine or a furnace. You don’t just apply an effect, you don’t simply add an ingredient to level gear up. You actually have to think about what you want to forge, how you’re going to do it, and what you want to end up with. There are tons of options and ways to do it.

Shopping stands that let you buy/sell with other players. Not NPCs. Not a game-generated store menu that refreshes every 2 hours. Your own shopping stands (as many as you want!) to sell whatever you want, at any price, to other players. And other players will seek them out and buy your items.

Also…meteors that fall from the sky. Like, what? That’s amazing! I could write a book, but I guess I’ll stop here, lol!


amen to that


One of the things I really enjoy is how you can use chisels to change and reshape blocks in different ways. I usually have stone-titanium on myself at all times lol

Sometimes I will walk around my base, and think hmmm that could use a blunt edge, or OOooOoOoo that’d be an interesting shape lol


The PS4 trailer I watched before buying the game had one guy standing at a singular shopping stand selling his wares - I am so glad that’s not the case :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right now I would say how much playtime I already got out a $40 game i bought on a whim.

But my first thing that amazed me was exploring and seeing the huge builds people came up with early in the game. When I first started there was usually 10-20 people in a city building, hunting, exploring, talking. First time i saw someone use a slingbow and grapple i said wtf is that!? Lol


The main reservation that I had when I first played was that it was a persistent, shared environment. Playing online games you often meet awful people, so I was worried that the game would be full of idiots, but thankfully it’s probably the best online community I’ve ever experienced in a game. From the first time I bumped into a player and they waved and said ‘hi’ I knew it was going to be good.


My biggest suprise is how active the forums are.


i was most suprised that players are people and not like a warrior armourtype number 6 with head number 5 and you can get to know them and read them if you see there build our how they deal with others
kinda like how people can make them self unique even with us all looking the same
is weird to explain but you guys probably understand anyways
also its cool people can make name for themself
and they not dwarflord 3045 hahaah maybe later when more come
:smiley: theres also room for everyype off player
the solo the organizer the crafter the miner they can find there place
i actually ended up in alpha after looking for this game for a year without nowing it would be this kept googling sandbox voxel games
tested out alot off “socalled” sandbox games but this one is real

also having playerfriends that feel like they live in the game

edit i think i canot explain it whats so special about bound lol


I’m surprised about how well portals are executed, I assumed them to work like a Minecraft nether portal and not as good as Portal (game) portals - I have been impressed by them every day :smile:


What surprised me the most was that just by walking through a portal you are actually jumping servers and can go from an EU server to AUS or US in a matter of seconds without any logging off and on again, continuous gameplay without any interruptions. Also the fact that whatever you build, so long as it’s big enough, other players can actually see it from other planets, that the planets in the sky actually update and aren’t just representations with a basic map on them.


On game mechanics, this, and the portals. :slight_smile: I never tire of staring up at the skies in Boundless! The regeneration is so cool too, how resources respawn but not exactly the same, keeps mining and collection interesting!

But the big thing was the incredible community - how quickly I clicked with it, and not too long after becoming active here on the forum, made a true friend, then later on several others. I’ve always been a loner in games - active on forums and social media but not IN games - but that changed with Boundless, never participated with a community in a game like I do here. :smiley: