To the guys here since release

How much fun it is to build a Boundless “empire”… how much fun it is to come up with lore projects to inject some “life and history” into the game… and how much fun it is to have a bold HUGE vision for that next Mega Build! Planning long term, building, etc for The Nation of Axon Biitula has been a lot of fun and a great distraction for the real world with the pandemic, etc going on… No matter how much the real world is on fire, it is always a nice day in Boundless!


The Zebra Empire will take over beckon one day. It is fun building and exploring but chizelling is more like a chore than it is a fun job


How easy it is to get hooked to boundless.
Just can’t help my self if i take a break from boundless im still thinking of boundless. Played other games here and there but end up quitting and returning to boundless every time.


I played for about a week, a year before official release, but not quite oort online. I found it dry and boring…What am I suprised about most, that I love so many things about the game now…

I love the in-game economy.
I love the nightly views.
I love hunting random people off in the distance.
I love random people stumbling across you.
I love the chatter on the forums.
I love that forge coils are no longer 22,000c at Till crossroads…
I love building for the public.
I love that Sasquatch holds regular hunts i can rely on and I can spontaneously join.
I love that guilds have made names for themselves.
I love that its’a a game and I can always walk away from a bad forging night…
I love the creation of seemless loading of portals when switching servers.

I love Wonderstruck for bringing me an open world mmo where I can build my imagination…


Beth and I have made good friends already through this game. People who we care about and trust. This is more than just a game.


Boundless, the only place where it isn’t creepy to find a mud hut building hobo that tells you…


Edit: Ok, its still a little creepy.


Oh man, I wish I took a screenshot of the soil 1x1 I made for myself on my first day playing. Then I added windows and timber roof. I was that mud guy haha!


Anyone who says they have never lived in a mudhut has never boundlessed. My home on release for the first six months was a hole in the ground with a mud floor and walls just high enough to keep the spitters out. #MudHutForLife


Ah, memories… should have seen the first structure I built. I literally threw together every block I could find to quickly make a basic hut before I went out to really explore. Eyesore isn’t even the word… I came into the game blind and it didn’t quite dawn on me that there might be people nearby who might not appreciate that… :flushed:

I played countless hours of Minecraft and never really built much beyond cobblestone castles, I’d dig endless tunnels, explore, hoard resources and never really do anything with them… Boundless inspired me to build, though - getting out and seeing all the wonderful stuff out there… and not wanting to have mine look so horrible by comparison! :wink: Still learning… slowly, but learning to build!


The thing that surprised me the most was the welcoming arms from so many. Preordered it on a whim and a month later once i could kinda hunt I found @Ratchel and the game has been 200x better since that day. I’ve had more positive interactions in game than any other multi player and I’m old :grin:


I was always a crater-loving cave dweller in my early days. Come to think of it, I still am! I’m a cave hermit


I fell in a hole the day I started and pretty much stayed there for two months.


I think it is pure genius what James has come up with in this game and how he has implemented it. I have been hooked since launch. There is so much to do. Thumbs up James and team!


The portals! It’s what made me want to play the game! Being a Science Fiction nut who always liked the idea of exploring alien planets (hence why I also like NMS!) all the different planets and the portals were a big draw!

I was rather surprised tho by the size of the planets! Getting a full atlas on a normal planet is not all that fast I realised after thinking I would do them all! haha

The building is fantastic too! The whole thing, altogether is utterly fantastic!

And I hope we will see many, many more updates to improve on everything in the future!

(and to see some more players as well!!)


I’m amazed at how well renowned many members of this community have become. Play any other game and your name may as well be just random numbers, Anon-8675309. Here in boundless, you can make a reputation for yourself- good or bad. Often times I’ll just be wandering around a hub aimlessly looking for new builds I have not seen and I’ll run into players that I am already familiar with by reputation alone. You just don’t get that anymore in many other games. Even MMORPG staples like WoW have dissolved their communities into cross-realm, multi-server melting pots where your identity just gets replaced by your class in a LFG que. In Boundless, even a casual player has a name for themselves and a reputation that precedes them.


One day we will tell the youngsters about these times, they won’t believe us with 100k players running around on a few 1000 planets where most players haven’t even seen all the planets


When those times come… i vote to call ourselves Jedi.


First time i saw a real settlement… sydney… long before it was even close to what it is today. Had this crazy portal seekers hub thing in the middle that had like 8 portals to unknown places, and about 5 massive 4 plot high buildings.

Remember thinking there must have been at least 20 people involved and id be happy if i ever built anything a 10th of the size.


I’m Jedi of :cookie: s

Also, elite wildstock…

First time i went to a T6 i was like level 20 so could barely afford the atmosphere skill points.

I swam so slowly through a lake, thinking if i duck under water maybe nothing will see me… then spotted this giant electrical moose, and thought “hell no!” And swam in the other direction as fast as i could

It took me an hour to find the guts to step on land, and i died about 20 seconds later.

I miss those days.