To those worried/Mad about the game

Chillax, take a deep breath!

just because the development stopped (for now) doesn’t mean the game is not playable?
be happy you are still able to play, don’t you think we have other things to worry about?
as much I do understand the worry, it does not change the current gameplay.

that moment I speak to a new player in-game and has been playing for a week
and asks me…HOST can you tell me more about boundless and its near end
I was like watafak?

the biggest worry I have is the player base killing the game as I mentioned before
the rumours and drama is causing even the new players to worry about boundless.
is this how we want boundless to be? is this how it will end? boundless destroyed by players
when is it going to stop?

how about we all CHILLAX a bit and enjoy the game with the motivation as we started with?
I think its time to say #StopKillingBoundless

I support boundless with or without development until the servers close their doors
even then I had a wonderful time playing! but I’m 100% sure the game is not going anywhere just yet
a little positive feedback, a little trust and faith go a long way.
stick together in these times of worry and neglect

stay strong boundless community!.


I totally agree. A couple of days ago I was thinking exactly the same. The game is working really good. We have exo planets. I have no lag. The landscaping is amazing. And then I thought: I can definitely continue having a lot of fun here.


I actually just got a PC. Specifically for boundless tbh :+1: Because theres life left in this game and I plan to enjoy it on a brand new character all over again!


I must say you re right @HOST thats what i Always thought too but got also Bad Feeling s for the game in Last weeks because so much leaving and so on ,

I am Happy that you wrote These sentences because i Love to Play the game and you re right that WE Players Play the game Like we Play IT or want to Play IT .

Even If promised Updates still haven t been released thats a pitty but this do Other company s too …but the game IS playable so what is the Problem.

I ll have so much i want to build , but i did get it started because i am Always hunting :joy::joy::joy:
Sometimes i think ive more oort than coins :joy::joy::joy::joy:

This Game has so much you can enjoy and even If its only chating with some nice people thinking about what could i build next or what can we create perhaps a new ingame Game or Contest

So WE Re the ones WHO make the game big or Not because of the core Player Base is talking Most positive then new Players can join too and won t be afraid to Take a Look into the game because there is only negative talking.

Sure negativ talking IS Always easy and that s because people aren t Long satisfied they Need Always new more or better Things thats the way our Planet works in These days .

But Back to topic , i Hope that WE can have a Long Time playing this Game further and enjoy IT .


who is mad about the game please respond because i have not seen anything since some people stop playing.


I still check in on occasion. I hope for the best with Boundless but @james and the devs have abandoned it. They are done. They’ve moved on. They are going to let the game dwindle out until there’s maybe a dozen regular players and then they will turn the servers off.

Who knows. Maybe some day we’ll see a re-release of Boundless.


I just check the forums and wait patiently :woman_shrugging: A thousand billion other great games that have come out in the last year or two have made that wait easier but I still have hope for this one. It’s my favorite.


I love the game lately :grinning: I went on such a fun hunt today with The Oortbusters! Such a well organized hunt. Building, digging, hunting, I may even finally try out some forging :slight_smile:


I agree that sure, the game is playable, but I think there are a few issues that I want to point out.

  1. In MMO’s by design a low player base means that a game is either dead or dying. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe that to be the case or not, what matters is what the consumer believes. You are already here, but there are millions of others on the outside looking in, who just see a disaster and a waste of money. Take a look at World of Warcraft for example. Despite its large player base, and the fact that the community as a whole has disliked and been disappointed by Blizzard, just a few streamers leaving has caused the community as a whole to believe the game is dying. Add on top all the legal issues the company had pop up around the same time, and now the #1 MMO is no longer WoW, but is instead Final Fantasy 14. This mentality plagues all MMO’s. If the game is an MMO, it looks or feels empty, and the player to player interaction is low, then the game is perceived as dead or dying and not worth your time or money. People do not play MMO’s for the short term, they are intended to be multi year time sinks. It is why WoW has been popular for so long, living on experiences of old, and the inability for the community to move on to better experiences. Literally nothing you say will change an outsiders view on this games low player count, and any one who runs through this games portal hubs and malls and sees no one will draw the same conclusion.

  2. I brought this up over a year ago, and stated that lingering player constructions would essentially kill the game. For an MMO experience to have creations linger from players who quit essentially infinitely would over time cause a decline. Even if technically we can build new malls, hubs, or areas for us to congregate as a community, over time it is likely those players will quit, and the issue will only continue to get worse and worse. However back then I was just criticized for “complaining” about walking too far, or just us BUTT. I’ve seen literally hundreds of far more successful Minecraft servers that have been ongoing since Minecraft came out and don’t suffer the same issues as this game. That is because after a period of inactivity your creations are automatically removed in its entirety, and the chunks where they built are automatically reverted to before they claimed that area. There are probably thousands of plots that could be reverted in Boundless right now, and entire constructions that could be deleted and no one would care.

  3. For an MMO the devs have essentially done, and planned to do many things that detract from an MMO experience by segregating players. Sovereign Worlds, the eventually local world single player experience, the eventual addition of enough skill points and such to get everything on your own, and as such have 0 need for interaction with others, and so on. The community as a whole could of course fix this by selecting a planet as a central area for all to build at, creating an active malls with plots that can be managed by the mall owner for when players quit, with more than 1 owner of the mall so they can pass permissions around if they plan to quit, and using a single portal hub, with players having their own portals to other private areas to fill shops and such. If players are able to make everything, and there are farms built to essentially get everything except specific rare colored blocks, then the player interaction of the MMO declines as well. The fact that few if not sometimes a single individual will dedicate their time to just keeping portals running is already bad enough. I don’t know how they can enjoy the game doing something intended by an entire community.

  4. I don’t mind players being dedicated, and having hope in the games future. But MMO’s require consistent updates, content, a thriving player base, and a thriving economy. Soon it will be a year since anything happened in this game. As such why are you mad about the rumors and drama ?

This game has so much potential, but the devs are not creating an MMO experience. In fact any new players are likely to feel like this is the most lonely game ever, like they are alone. Don’t even get me started on not being able to carry your character over from console to pc. It can be done, plenty of games have done it.

At the end of the day what kills a game faster than anything is lack of communication. Just like real relationships, a relationship with a game, its devs, and their company can be entirely sabotaged by poor communication. Since the Devs have chosen radio silence, this is what you get. You would think in 2021 devs and game companies would learn a thing or two from the failures of their brethren.


I’m on PS4 and Boundless has been pretty much unplayable for me for over a month now after a few minutes of being in game it becomes totally unplayable. I only log on now to activate the buffs for the guild and by the time I get that done I have to log off because I can’t do anything


I also play Boundless on PS4 and have relativity few issues - so this sounds like a issue with your internet or something related to it.


@HOST hasn’t said there are no issues (what game doesn’t have those?)
but the point is, in case of new players their believes can be formed by negativity thrown around all the time

so, yes, there are issues we all see, but when we meet newbies should we moan about the game or show them its best side?

when we raise a child, should we talk how life doesn’t make sense or how it can be shaped with share willingness to do well?


I’d rather be upfront and honest that sugar coat it only to disappoint them later. With the current economy and the super grindy early game, on top of needing to make alt characters it is unlikely a new player will be able to get the coins, or the ability to make their own stuff before quitting the game due to said problems. Unless the community is going to give out freebies and supply them every time they show up. It is very easy to spend coins, very hard to gain them. It will be hard to get a shop running, let alone finding any current players who need what ever a new player can obtain. Footfall basically non existent.

The current game state is equivalent to the great depression.


so saying that Boundless can be fun and it looks beautiful is lying?

no one says that talking about Boundless in positive terms doesn’t mean we wouldn’t say that its development is on hold and the future development is uncertain, but these are 2 different things: facts and attitude

I can easily imagine telling new players how fun it can be here and how the game is truly playable, while adding that we don’t know whether we can expect further progress on the devs side.
These two things are not exclusive.

all subjective

sorry, but I met people who started playing around the time the game’s development has been suspended and they created new successful shops and even new portal networks they somehow run and fuel

when one sees obstacles, another sees opportunity

I have a feeling your own negativity blinds you to possibilities in game. Which is sad.


maybe. I’d argue going through all the hubs and seeing hundreds if inactive portals, entire malls and hubs abandoned, and hundreds of shops completely empty as an issue, and not a success that some are still running despite the low player count and segregated player base. A lot of the ones still running are only around cause of the support of the few, or the single handed dedication of their owners.

To each their own though.

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We do this but alot of new players don’t want freebies they want to earn it on there own and the ones that want freebies always ends up being someone abusing the making a alt and requesting for free stuff boop


Making coins IS the easiest in this Game what you can do.

Go Mining or hunting then you ll have enough coins you can spend and their are more ways to make easy Money but a Bit more complex.

But perhaps we should combine all our efforts have only one or two Network s running and also AS example 2 malls which are avtively used .

I would say Like TNT Mega Hub and GTG Network AS ( would Close my Network Pharao’s Network but keep IT AS Long AS perhaps desisions are Made , Like Others Had to do too)
And AS malls i would say keep Kree Mall and perhaps River Town ( has No Mall but a massive Shops in Center of the City)

Just thoughts to concentrate the Players and get feeled more activity and perhaps get new Players into the game too.

And Other Thing IS Players can hire people for Jobs so people can earn Money that way too, i did that once too because i was to lazy to chisel
You can hire people for yielding , seeding , building chiseling, Mining , whatever
And If someone has No coins you can try to trade your Things AS example you have 100 oort and Need 100 Emerald so you can trade them.

I think i will have more ideas later but Need to now have to do Something.

Greetings Turrican2006


I think that would help for the overall experience. The hardest part early game for new players is getting tools, constantly replacing them, and getting around to finding a way to make coins to be able to afford better tools that will help them progress faster (AOE tools or higher damage weapons). Progression is extremely slow, especially when you are forced into being single goal oriented, and then buying alts. To be a hunter, crafter, or gatherer requires essentially all your skill points, which means you cant do almost anything else on that character, and new players will mess up and be forced to waste cubits fixing that. There are some nice things out there that help, like there are a plethora of resource farms out there, but many require regen bombs, and even state they will block people from their portals if they don’t regen. There are XP farms via portal spam to new zones, but if you want the best xp you need teaching pies which are expensive, and likewise as of right now at least half of the portals have run out of time. Basic mined rocks and such is only 1 coin each, any ores such as copper and iron, or soft and medium coal are under 10 coins each. The old bean farming and such are always a good start, and is what I did when I was new, but finding a buyer can be hard, especially if you don’t use or know about BUTT, practically impossible, and I spent a day browsing every shop of all the malls. Anything that can bring more people together, anything that can help generate a more sustainable economy, with ease of actually finding things to sell to request baskets specifically (there are plenty of shops to buy stuff from, even if they are a year old, although all the cheap ones are empty, meaning not an option for new players).

Lastly the game could use content creators in general. For example less than 10 videos were made in the past month on this game, and of those there were less than 50 views on average. The game gets essentially no exposure to draw in new players, and its a hard bargain to push this over Minecraft when mods can add in all the features of boundless (Mystcraft for example encompasses the entire multi planet infinite universe feel with dimensions, customizable entirely, enterable via portals which can be opened forever, closed whenever, and so on, on top of a plethora of economy mods, job mods, building and crafting customization mods, ect, which are usually combined into a single download by Feed The Beast), excluding the graphics difference (Which can be bought much cheaper, or obtained by other means and still be able to play online).

TBH if we could just make mods as content, have the content reviewed by devs, tested, and implemented into the game, I bet the community, and those outside the community would join in and create the content the game needs for free. There are many things that could be added right now, that have been put on the backburner with all the other planned updates still in testing, that should have been added months ago. Like the skill point changes for example.

As a side note: A lot of people think that if a company or dev team is super small then waiting a super long time for anything is fine. However I have seen entire games designed by a single person come out that have been extremely successful. Game like Five Nights At Freddy’s and every sequel made by a single man. Games like Path of Exile built by a couple guys in their garage and managed entirely by them only till the recent years when Tencent backed them, and their company grew larger. Minecraft, Stardew Valley, & Undertale all developed by 1 person. It can be done, if you make an effort.


If we’re talking about what is subjective and what isn’t, I think this is definitely subjective.

If you know what you’re doing when you start playing the game, yeah, sure.
If you don’t, if you don’t know that players have organized portal networks, malls, cities, and you just land in the woods alone, it takes time to figure out how to interact with the rest of the community.

So if you mostly encounter dead places with nobody living there, you can get the feeling of being in a dead game. And to be fair, I’m guilty of that too, I couldn’t bear :bear: the idea of losing the place I’ve worked on for close to two years, so I made arrangements to give it to HOST. But I think it’s currently a (mostly) dead place (not to cr@p over HOST’s efforts).

Took me easily a solid month before I actually started REALLY getting deep into the game. First I was making my ‘dirt house’ (< sighs > I miss that place. Should’ve taken more screenshots when I had it)

Then I had to figure out everything else, find where the hubs were, what planet had what ressources, the colors, the boons, how Forging works, where to find hunts (and when you live in France like I do, most of the hunts were happening during the night)… a LOT of informations you can ONLY get here on the forum.

But the one thing I was never really about to get into was all the part about selling things.
I can testify that not every player is good at being ‘a merchant of goods’, or good at building, or good at hunting.

EDIT : To whoever keeps flagging posts (and I suspect it’s the same person) of people you don’t like with no valid reason to do so, just know that this is Flagging abuse, and you’re only risking to get the moderation team if not the devs (who have better things to do than to check on flags) to look into you by doing this further.


You re all right too , but i Had No experience with such Kind of Games and Made IT real fast to get Money but OK there were more people but even without you to make the best Out of IT and If needed all the old Players i think i am one too can spend millions to füll requests baskets or give people Jobs or whatever and Bring Back Life into the Economy of the game .

Or give people the Chance to have a Public minter to make coins Like Goldenfist Had .

But when IT becomes to Mods then WE Playstation gamers are Out of that i think because Sony won t allow that i think.

And yes content vids are rare and nothing new made. But streams could Help to , Sometimes i Stream the hunts i am leading Bit thats only one Part of the game…

Will try to make a few vids and try to explain from the beginning everything and also good methods to earn Money and how and where to Farm everything. And what is needed to do and needed to have to make IT.

I ll try to Help the game AS Long AS i can perhaps there Re some people who want to Help me , If yes then Message me.