Tool Idea: Chisel

Hello Oortians! Had a small idea yesterday, something I think hasn’t been discussed before?

The thoughts that led to this idea:

  1. Is it possible to make highly-detailed builds without making them enormous?
  2. If so, the answer probably has to do with props…
  3. Could there be such a thing as a “carving” prop?
  4. Wait, don’t blocks already have a “decal” layer?
  5. We already have the carved clay block, what if you could do more??

So what about a chisel?

• A craftable tool
• Allows you to alter the face of existing blocks
• Applies different decals to different materials

For example, my horrible mockup:

Maybe it’s just as simple as altering the bump map? Anyway, the idea is that wood, stone, stone bricks, sandstone, etc, would all chisel differently - some geometric, some ornate, etc.

Other inspiration:

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve thought this through all the way, just thought it could be cool


Would indeed look cool. however how did you expect it to work? i can think of 3, 1 that might work and 2 that seems a tad overkill

  1. you can get differet chisels that have different ‘‘patterns’’ so to say, so you can place a block and when you use the chisel the block gets a predetermined pattern (could also be done with a cycle menu on the chisel itself)

  2. you would have to physically make the changes, kinda like drawing on the block, this is the only other way i can imagine getting so many details in but it might be a bit overkill?

  3. kinda like 2) but you would get up a menu and you could rotate the block, the block would then have small areas, lets say that the block has 64 small areas on a side, you could then click it and it would get the small hole look that you have shown.

not sure though how it could be implemented though. but not my place to say since im not really a builder XD

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Of course people would create awesome stuff (and maybe some offending) with free draw customization, but I dont` it see it ever as possible thing in Oort as it would require massive amount of work and possibly will increase data amount on servers to make it possible.

Different chisels for different patterns is both simple and gives more unique possibilities for stuff people build. 3# is of course better than 1#, because then re-creating art or patterns like in images would be possible, but this requires devs to create block customization menu and somehow store data about those special blocks to server that other people could see them.

thats why i am saying the freehand would be a bit overkill, the easiest way i see it implemented is if you just had some predetermined patterns you could carve into a block. i imagine it would be a bit too much work to make an entire menu for it, and for me a bit of a waste, since they could have used the time, energy and resources on something more important, but it was just possible ways it could be done.

I love this idea! I think it would add enough to the game to be worth its development costs. A few ideas off the top of my head:

Use pre-set patterns, but have it where each pattern has to be “discovered” in an oort temple before it can be used, with a large variety of discoverable patterns.

Allow discovery without having to break and take the block. Create a rubbing of the pattern with paper and coal to archive patterns.

Allow patterns to be traded or sold among players.

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for this work you would need alot of patterns, how many would you imagine should be ingame if they made the system?

EDIT: i am all for having a ton of dropable recipes used for crafting, would be a great idea if that system could also be used for blocks, but i think if it should be recips, then it should be drops, not the other system of kinda copying an already existing block, because that would be too easy.

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It’s irrelevant, more can be added in patches later. If the decal simply replaces the bump map layer, it would be easy to add more variety later.

should you be able to chisel all blocks? if not then which should you be able to use it on?


I am also in favor of a limited number of predetermined designs…and I kinda thought that the ones for wood would be a different set than the ones for stone, but I dunno.

• Hard, crafted blocks (timber, stone, sandstone) can be chiseled
• Soft, natural blocks (dirt, sand, gravel) cannot be chiseled.
• Would be cool if doors could be chiseled.


Or we could have a certain block where we can make imprint textures and load them permanently into a certain chisel. :open_mouth:

All those custom pattern ideas sound great but I think it would be 1. way too much effort to code something like that for the current state of the game 2. I can almost guarantee that there will be more swastikas, d!cks, swearwords, … than one could ever report.

Perfect (imo). Not too hard to implement yet adds a great variety into the game.


i like the ‘‘not too hard to implement’’ and ‘‘you just need to change the bumpmap’’ but doesnt that kinda force the game to change a block into another type of block fluently? i dunno, im not a programmer though

@james thoughts?

I am in love with this idea, However, they did say something about glyph writing, so I wonder if that’ll tie into this!

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Isn’t that basically what grass blocks already do? Only difference would be instead of the top texture being changed, you would change the side textures. I’m not a programmer either, though.

Only time i every used minecraft was to make pixelart with a mod called ‘‘16 millioncolors’’ what it did was that you picked a certain color, and you could then use it on a block to change its color completely to the one chosen, so i imagine it is doable, but i am genuinly curious as to how it works :smiley:

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Oort blocks are way more complex than MC blocks, and have several more layers involved in rendering. I think all that would be involved would be swapping a layer or two with a pre-set new layer. Then when implemented in game, chiseling a block would replace a block with a similar block but with the new chiseled texture. I don’t believe that would require any extra data per block, just additional block options. You would essentially be recycling the textures of other blocks (say, stone chunk) with a version that is chiseled. That would probably even carry over the block texture shifting feature that stone chunk has.

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Yeah, that’s kind of my hopeful assumption.

And, depending how the shape selector UI plays out, it could work perfectly for choosing a chisel pattern as well:

Hold option to bring up selector menu, choose from the patterns you’ve learned.

Acquiring patterns from Oort temples, maybe keep it simple; chisel an already-chiseled block to learn the pattern if you haven’t already.


Your mockup is not horrible - it’s really cool actually.
Maybe, as @Cyanizite said - stamp some ornaments on the blocks. I’m not sure if carving out ornaments in oOrt is the right choice for a gameplay element. Probably also a balancing act in what to include into the game as game mechanic and what to keep as as an element for modders. And when I think about it, the idea is not bad - I’m a bit superficial in my choice of words. But also creating a simple form of texture and hammering it into a block is enthusing. Though we would not want to have details down to a microscopic level [although I’m still in favor of those ‘invisible’ creatures dwelling in the grass, who might explode, and therefore grass is bursting around].

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Kinda. i think it would be cooler to ‘‘engrave’’ a chisel so to say.

Imagine we have a crafting bench, or a certain block or whatever. you could place a chisel in there and use the magic to engrave a pattern on it, would cost lets say 1 oortstone, or something else.

that would encourage having different chisels for different patterns right? think that would be cooler, but for a tool that might be too overkill. i just think it would make more sense to add a recipe list to that, rather than having to scroll through 50 different chisel patterns all the time like the ‘‘shape picking menu’’

again, i just a suggestion. to make it a tad more fancy.

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