Tool idea: Trowel

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I was just admiring how beautifully certain blocks blend into each other (broken stone and dirt or different sand colours for example) and thought that a tool that “smoothes” out the cracks between stone blocks/chunks, Gleam, Sandstone etc. in the same way would be quite useful. It could be used just like the chisel in regards of being used on the edges of a block to turn this:

into this:


It would be nice if the same tool could be used to make sharp line between things like sand and dirt for example ^.^


I would really admire that!

yepp, that would be reeeeeeeeeaaaaal cool. I sometimes think of buildings where I want stones to blend with sand or dirt, but on others it would be not so nice … so THIS is a solution ^^


yesssss! I’m so desperate to have plank blocks that don’t look like tiles when they’re together :smile:.


real nice idea i like it