Tool masteries adding action speed to all equipment

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So I noticed that on my crafter that I have +10 action speed on all the tools I carry, even though only skill I have that adds action speed is spanner mastery.

After little experimentation it seems that when you have the tool equiped which has masteries to it, all your tools have the action speed to added to them aswell.

I did try to see if it actually adds the speed to the other tool but couldn’t really tell by eye, so could be just a visual bug on tool tip, but thought to let you know.

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did you add points to either dexterity or attribute bonus? both cause an increase in action speed

No since my crafter isn’t close to 50 yet, so mostly just crafting skills/epics, I do have points in vitality, power and wisdom for forging though.

Also if you’d take the time to read my post with thought you’d propably notice that the action speed bonus is added to other tools while wearing the spanner and when not there is no bonus to other tools. Sorry if this sounds rude, but I hope this clears it up for you.

i appologize i miss read…are you referring to having the applied tool in your “off hand” and another in your main?

Yes, though I don’t think it really matter which is in which hand.

Yup have noticed this while carrying my hammer (hammer mastery active). My shovel or even totem in my off hand has a huge damage boost WHEN I RIGHT CLICK IT WHILE HOLDING A HAMMER, this holds true even if said totem is in my inventory. The damage shown is much higher than it should be, with appropriate speed boost as if it were a hammer.

When using another tool in my off hand though, damage output and rate remains what it should be, unaffected.

Edit - advise move to bug report thread.

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i would agree w/ Prome3us on this…sorry again for misreading the original post


So it would actually add the bonus for the incorrect tool in main hand. Interesting.

Though on your advise, this is the bug report. As requested in the 197 Issues thread:

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Wooooah missed that one completely, my bad!! Thanks!

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I wonder if you could stack all three masteries on a totem and get supertotem? :hammer_and_pick:

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Let me know if you founder one like that… wink wink…

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