🚥 Tosche Resource Station

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Tosche has branched out of power converters to make farming resources easier for you! The newly constructed hub houses many farms with more planned. Reach it via the TNT Megahub, this is a collaboration with them so the portal is smack in the middle of the megahub :slight_smile: Current farm list

  • T1 Growth & Shimmering Orbs
  • T1 Barbed Grass Seed
  • T1 Foliage & Starberry
  • T1 Peat
  • T1 Clay
  • T1 Silty Soil
  • T1 Sand & Olivine fragment
  • T3 Gravel & Saltpetre fragment
  • T3 Mud & Waxy earthyam
  • T3 Ash & Sulphur fragment
  • T3 Trunk & Bark
  • T3 Foliage & Starberry
  • Spicy beans

Watch the trailer, I might’ve gone a bit over the top with it :DDD

The advantage of low level planets is that you don’t need T6 1-hit tools to be effective. Drop rates are lower, granted, but they’re not that much lower considering the tools can be made for really cheap. Relatively easy to make yourself too, you just need a lvl 4 aoe boon on them, no damage boon needed if you have good skills. 1-hit the blocks and for cheap, 3x3 tools sold at the farms for 1.2k - 2k, regen bombs 500c.

  • Soft T1 materials (clay, peat, sand, silty etc) need titanium tools
  • Hard T1 materials (growth) need topaz tools
  • Hard T3 materials (trunk, ash, gravel, mud etc) need diamond tools

Check if your skills are up to the 1-hit task with the damage calculator http://www.pfiffel.com/bl/dmg/#1,0,4,0,9,1,5,1,0,0,0,0,9,0,0
But fear not, if you don’t have the skills to 1-hit, 2 hits is still good if you’re just after a moderate amount of resources.

Player portals are available in the US East hub atm, the EU hub player area should be completed in the near future if you live there and want a smaller portal.

[TNT] New Nixia Megathread: Tosche Resource Station now open!
Best Items to Chrysomint?

Visited your farms yesterday, they are gorgeous.


That was a really good trailer showcasing the farms.
Thoroughly enjoyed it




Bravo! It’s wonderful


Very nice trailer. Felt like an epic battle scene with the music :joy:


Had fun making it :smiley: The trailer, not the music, that’s a royalty free piece I found, didn’t make it myself.


Holy smokes, @Mayumichi that trailers is REALLY good! Gonna show that to my wife, makes me really proud to be part of this!!!


I’m a bit worried I overdid it… :smiley: With the right music it seems you can make anything epic :sweat_smile:


I really enjoyed watching it. Loved the music that went with it. :+1::+1::+1:


Spicy beans and inky leaves available now :slight_smile: With a dash of boulders (opal) on the side


I want the Glowing Lamella farm! :wink:


There might be a high tier network some day :wink:


Lemella trail.

But for glowing nork has glowing every few steps. :grinning:


I’ve just been informed that the growth farm has been mis-plotted and un-usable, probably from the get go… :pensive: Sincere apologies, it’s fixed now :pensive: