🚥 Tosche Resource Station

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Had to sorry :grin:


I may or may not have bought one of those shovels


And I tought it some marketing trick cuz i bought therm like smart stack and didnt look if it had forges on it. well a clean topaz shovel sometimes is also needed so im no mad


That was such a cool video! The music was great and the fact that you showed the drop rates was brilliant. :nerd_face::+1:


That reminds me I’ll have to update the droprate signs to reflect the farming nerf.

PM’d @realpain and @morey523 about the shovels :slight_smile:


My evil master plan has been revealed and I’ve been selling some un-forged tools again… The same deal as before, just let me know and I’ll give you back double, either in shovels or in coins.

In other news Show all boons when hovering over a forged tool :smiley: