Totem Forging Nerf

All totems (basic, wayerfarer’s, and gleambow) used to have an effectiveness of 65% on a fully specced-out forger. Following the update, totems now have 37% effectiveness (like rift, blink, and umbris). Is this an intentional nerf or will it be reverted?

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Maximum flexibility reduced but should still give the same results

It does not give the same results for totems.

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yup, this was highlighted by a couple of players when the update was on testing. totems are harder to forge in live now due to the update. a real shame I forgot to forge those wayfarer totems I bought a few weeks ago before the patch hit. oh well

At least the totems are good practice for getting rift, blink, and umbris recipes down… but It is a major pain.

This is currently in testing for the Chyrsominter update.