Trade cold berry brick for ashen blue

Anyone have a stack of Ashen Blue bricks they’d trade me for my stack of Cold Berry bricks? I’ll take any kind of brick in Ashen Blue. Full stack please.

I just happen to have a full stack that I made by mistake. Ashen Blue Sedimentary. I’d be happy to trade. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Where can I find you?

I could meet you at a PS Hub of your choice. I’m on my alt ‘R3DACTED’ right now. He’s not a bad courier. lol

PS Biitula please :slight_smile:

On my way. :slight_smile:

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What happened?

I got 200, needed a full stack

I had a full stack. I’ve no idea what happened!

It’s ok, I might have enough supplies to make some

I had 1000. I grabbed a stack and all’s left here is 100. I checked the stack before I left. Something must be bugged out. I can give you back the cold berry, it’s no problem. You shouldn’t have to lose out.

@james - Something went wrong here. Any chance you could help?

I believe you…I don’t want you to lose your stack either. You can keep them.

It’s really okay. I had no use for the blue brick anyway. You could maybe sell the cold berry and use the coin toward mats for the bricks you want.

Something else that is odd… the rest of my cold berry brick is changing to meta brick.

This is really weird. James should really have a look into this.

I have 1470 Ashen Blue stone here that you can have. I think I also have some compact clay left over too that you’re welcome to.

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I hope they will look and see what happened. That was a lot of items to lose.

@james We used the trade function and no one else was in the PS Biitula hub.

I’m going to make another stack of the brick for you. I really don’t want you to lose out on this. Like, even if James finds something, I doubt the brick can be returned. So, I’ll craft these bricks and let you know as soon as they’re done. :slight_smile:

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Is there anything you could use? This feels weird lol I hope it shows up in the log

Yea, I could use some spark in my generators so if the coal could hurry up and burn, that would be great! lol. Seriously though, I have everything here. :slight_smile: