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Sry but could someone translate this into german? i dont understand that.

,If you could buy one perk to enhance Oort Online what would it be?"

Wenn du einen [Vorteil/Zusatz/Verbesserung] kaufen könntest um Oort online zu verbessern, welcher wäre es?

Do they mean an Itemshop item or an fantasy item to upgrade Oort Online??

Since I´m not a backer yet i havn´t got the survey so i dont know. I´ve only translated what you posted^^

ok ^^ thanks anyway

Weil sie “perk” verwendet haben würde ich eher auf shop tippen, ist aber nur eine Vermutung.

oh rly? you havent even bought the game?.. thats kinda…

Japp, ich denke auch. Ich habe dann in den Kommentaren darunter mich aber dazu nochmal geäußert und was angegeben das ich als “Feature” kaufen würde (das NPCing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). Sicher ist sicher :wink:

Yes. I´m not into this early access thing.
I also would not buy a car that’s still in design stage…

Yet you want to help design the car without paying? oh well. just nice to know :smile:

I fully understand that behavior. I only supported it at this early stage (since august or september) because it could be a game I had be able to play with my (now ex-) girlfriend. She is totally in MC and WoW (exclusive with no chance to change that (believe me, I tried)) , but those games just bored me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know I still would not pay for this early game. At least more features like progress, creatures and equipment+weapons would be needed to get me into this. So I understand each player who waits instead of buying :wink:

Well maybe that makes opinion more valuable than yours…since I´m a potential buyer whereas Wonderstruck already has your money :smile: (just kidding of course).

I just don’t like this early access concept many publisher use this days, i will probably still buy it as soon as they announce how major features (titans, PvP, character progression) will exactly work.
I just don’t want to buy a game that I probably wont even like when its finished.

And i don’t want to design anything, I just like to have a chat in the forum and share opinions about certain topics.

Japp, I also only support early accesses when they are more finished, thinking about Grim Dawn, Wasteland 2, Shroud of the Avatar or Creativerse. The only “misstake” I made was Blockstory, cuz they promised many features but then stopped most development on computers and went more in the direction of their mobile version :confused:

That´s also a major concern I have since many of my friends (that are into early access) complain about games (especially in the survival genre) never leaving alpha stage .

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Yep, the genre of survival games is oversatisfied. To much games which are to equal. Oort has the only true difference (next to some nice features) to other Minecraft like crafting games is that it will be a true MMO including a tier system, true economy and boss fights. So my hopes that Oort is different enough to succeed are quite high, cuz that difference will be an impact in the genre.

Apologies. i just realised how rude that question was. wasnt intented like that :smile:

well lets hope you get one of the bigger packages when the game is finished then :smiley:

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No need to apologize, I understand that you might dislike it that somebody that hasn’t bought the game yet is also really active in the forum.
I´ve thought about getting the wayfarer bundle (together with a friend) if we like how major features are going to be (mostly the PvP and how casual the “endgame” is going to be).
Since this has already become a rather general chat: Do i understand it correctly that if i buy the wayfarer bundle my friend and I get a key with all the bonuses? (of course one of us would only get it at the release) or does only the one with the early acess key get the bonuses and the “release-key” is just a basic one?

1 key with all the perks and early acess. 1 basic key at launch with no perks.

Naja ich hab reingeschrieben dass ich größeres Inventar kaufen würde ^^ dadurch wird die Spielbalance nämlich nicht verändert. Weil ich wil definitiv kein Pay To Win Game haben ^^ Und ich denk mal das geht um nen Shop wo se vielleicht aufmachen wollen oder so

Ein größeres Inventar ist auch eine Art von Pay2win.