Treasure hunt


Hey, a really beautiful place! Found 3 secrets so far (potion of str, golden fist, diamond grapples), all are already empty though :slight_smile:


Weekly records update:
Syntaxx: 9
JackyNumbers: 4
Thaide: 12

It was a quiet week, main treasury was not looted, we are waiting for new treasure hunters!


I am in the treasure hunt dungeon for the first time, really impressive work! And very funny.
I have found 12 Secret rooms right now.

Can’t stop searching!


We have a new champion, ladies and gentlemen!

Hellwolf: 78 secrets found! :1st_place_medal:

No one was able to find all 80 secrets yet, so you still have a chance to be the first!


Congratulations to Cornigeria, our new champion and the first adventurer able to find all 80 secrets!
She is donated Blink Grapples for our prize stash, so do not miss your chance to get it!


Damn, this game created by adrageron is amazing.
You will spend several hours in a magnificent scenery looking for secretly hidden secret passages. the level design is amazing, adrageron has managed to sublimate the game, each player must discover this wonder, and even the developers should participate to understand the potential of their own game boundless.

Just incredible, you absolutely have to discover this game in the game that alone justifies his purchase.
Do not wait any longer, adrageron is a goldsmith of the level design and you will have to call on all your intelligence to solve this secret hunt.

Encore merci Adrageron pour la qualité de ton travail.


The portal token you gave me for here isn’t active yet. Ive decided to put it in its own little spot once ive built it with it being something special! :slight_smile: cant wait to try it out!


How many seeds are there


If you talking about spooky seeds, you can win as much as your @ count allows.
You will get 1-30@ per secret (depending on how well it is hidden). And each seed costs 30@.


Thank you, cornigeria! :blush:
It is a real pleasure that my work was not in vain :slight_smile:


This is awesome