Treasure hunt

Hello and welcome to the new season of treasure hunt, adventurers!
There are 160 secret rooms hidden inside my humble dungeon, in each you will find an unique treasure token. You can exchange these tokens for prizes - more tricky tokens are more valuable. Once you turn your tokens in, your name will be added to the Hall of Fame - here and inside the dungeon.

To reach treasure hunt travel to the River Towns (Arie) and take portal from there:

Another way is through PS Sochaltin I HUB. Portal is unmarked, so I’ll post 2 screens to show the way: behind Refgar gate, left side, 5-th noname portal.

Few simple rules of treasure hunt:

  • All treasures are hidden underground, there is no open sky secrets
  • You will no need to use grapple or other tools, just spot the entrance and slip inside (but you sure can use them if you want to :wink: )
  • Try to explore without light source, sometimes you can spot secrets by the glow
  • Have some empty space in your inventory to keep your finds
  • You will no need to take more than one token from each secret, only different ones will be counted
  • Do not go too deep to the wild caves, I have no separated plots there, all dungeon is a one big underground complex
  • Don’t dive into lava! :skull_and_crossbones:
  • And most important rule: have fun! :wink:


Nice! I’m goin later tonight to check it out.

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Will check this out soon :hugs: love treasure hunts!

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I just did this. It was a lot of fun. I did not even get close to finding everything…lol. I would recommend this just for the scenery alone.

Great job! :+1::+1::+1:


OOOH!!! :open_mouth: You’ve expanded the dungeon, guess I’ll have to drop by and find the new secrets some time. :star_struck:

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Yeah, 15 new secrets are waiting for you :wink:

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This was great! I didn’t find them all but it was a ton of fun.

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Great looking build, I’d recommend just for the decor alone. Looks great using only the light provided, try not to use your own light source.

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This is fun!


Yesterday’s recorded results (found secret count):
Forestdark: 32
Dazeris: 16
Xxymoxx: 14
Deathwhisper: 10

If you participated in the hunt and want to turn in your tokens, just meet me ingame. Usually I’m online after 17:00.
Good luck in your adventures! :wink:

New result entry:
Rosa: 6 secrets

Also 2 new secrets added, so there is 67 in total now.

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The hunt is definitely the best maze, labyrinth up, down, all around, incredible job. Rosa had fun exploring, getting lost, and still wanting to find all of the secrets. Incredible build you all should totally check it out.

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Love people making cool games like this will try to come have a go if I’m not too busy building that is :wink:

Well done on efforts :+1:t3:


Every time I see you you’re building something :smiley:

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Oh me bad… last min entry into wall art contest or could have been my new build on Arie lol :joy:

Sorry if I didn’t wave or say hello when building my mind on that :wink:

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What a cool concept… I’ll definitely be trying this out and exploring your build tomorrow when I get on. Thanks for all your effort!

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New result entry:
911: 9 secrets

And +1 new secret, 68 in total now.

The dungeon is expanded and contains 73 secrets now.
Our old champion is back to consolidate his championship!
Tuudi: 72 secrets, only #67 eludes his grasp.

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Dungeon expanded once again, there is 80 secrets in total now :old_key:
Also, alternatively you can use portal from the Lake (Sochaltin I capital) to reach the place. Just find small portal with “gestor” sign above.
Welcome and good luck!


I still have a couple hidden items that were never found when I did a treasure hunt at the tower of power. Lol. Think there is an Forged amethyst sling bow and forged axe still maybe some other things as well.