Tree Style Recipe Viewer (website)

Hello! I had previously posted about this project I’ve have on the back-burner for a website that shows boundless recipes in a tree-like format. This feature allows you to drill into the parts of a recipe without leaving the same interface. I have since updated the site to build a database directly from the game client files (instead of existing websites) and gave it a slightly better user interface. Since the data comes directly from the game client files, it’s going to be very easy to keep the data up to date after each release.

I figured I’d share it because I personally find it instrumental in planning out complex crafts and to quickly view what recipes a particular item is used in when cleaning up my storage.

I have some plans for the domain to serve a different overall purpose, and the recipe feature was a byproduct of finding a way to build an item database. Regardless, I’ve come to depend on this crafting tree feature quite a lot so it will remain part of the site despite future plans.

In any case, I invite you to try it out and hopefully some of you will find it as useful as I do.




Awesome, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time; thanks for building it! (also added a link it to my resources post)

Big feature request: An ability to describe a number of items I want to craft (ideally multiple item types), and have it plan out the optimal way of crafting those items. E.g. automatically choosing the right craft size & count for all the downstream recipes.


Thanks! This is on the docket… I just have not had the time to work out the algorithm.


Very nice site. A good feature would be if we could define a cost for each ingredient and have it calculate the total cost. Not sure how viable that is to add.

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Awesome work!

Great site, I was planning to build similar thing myself, now I don’t have to :smile:

This is nice to know as a shop owner. Now I know I have enough Fiberish Leaves to make 2000 Iron Tools. Now I just need 4400 Iron…

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Updated for game client release 205.
And this release adds “used in” functionality in-game! Very handy!

Think you can add in some shop listing feature?

You can find the items you need sorted by cheapest shop right from the recipe page.

This game is missing a centralized shop system.

I mean users add in their shops, not pulling info from game servers.

Wow, very usefull tool. You could work on clarity though… Perhaps adding icons to items?

The search tool could be less picky as well. I.ex. a query “copper hammer” should bring me to Copper Swift Hammer recipe, instead of rendering “0 results found”.

Where are you getting the recipes from? Cause the recipe for Titanium Alloy is wrong: it says it need “any base alloy”, while in fact it accepts only the precious ones.

Base Alloy is silver or gold.
Base Metal is copper or iron.

Would love an option to expand all recipes and set all to mass craft (or bulk/single) with a single click

@Heilos bah, didn’t finish my morning coffee yet…