Trees, can we grow them pretty please?

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I’m really bad at chiseling trees. Would growing trees even be a possibility? I would literally wait weeks for a tree to grow, just so I don’t have to chisel one. There could be different kinds of trees that grow to different space requirements.

Shrubbery - approx 3x3 to 4x6 with 1-2 block wood center
Small Tree - 2 wood blocks high before leaves, branches go from 6-10 blocks wide, no higher than 10 blocks tall
Large tree - etc.

Type of Foliage desired (maybe light requirements determine amount of foliage.)
Gnarled - No foliage/no light
Natural - normal amount of light (a few gleam blocks)
Fluffy- All the foliage (Put it in a gleam box of light)

Maybe you have to grab X amount of your type and color of Wood, Y amount of your type and color of foliage, Put it into a machine and it returns to you some seeds for your Natural Small Tree, that you then plant, wait a week to mature and can admire or prune if you have an errant branch you don’t like. Growth stops after 2 weeks or something and then its just a normal tree.

Really i’m just tired of building bad trees! LOL.


I would love this.
The trees could function similar to the prestige flowers. Make the seeds in the refinery and then plant and watch them grow. Maybe need to replant every few weeks.

I think the problem has always been that Boundless “trees” aren’t really objects. Just a collection of blocks in a particular formation. Like mountains or caves.

But we could create new seeds that grow into decorative trees of varying heights. Idk… I would spend countless hours making a tree plant of every color…


This would be completely awesome! I second this motion :smiley: great idea

I wonder how we could obtain the tree seeds?? Chop down a whole tree from roots to tree top maybe?

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Allowing us to grow trees is definitely a great idea. This can allow a more organic-feeling tree farm as well (having to go to an unplotted area and regen bombing for farming logs feels awkward imo, especially for weird shaped trees) if it’s cheap/fast/efficient enough. But even if not, it’s pretty nice to be able to grow our own tree considering the alternative is either building our own or beaconing a natural one.
IMO best way to implement growth is probably like minecraft, place sapling down, give it enough space and time, and it instantly spawns a tree at final stage. Having it need maintenance at all is too annoying, since literally the point is just to have a natural tree anywhere we want without building it manually.
As for tree seed crafting, this definitely can be made interesting, because there’s 3 types of trunks and 3 types of leaves, and 256 colors for each, and there’s a lot of different tree formations. With the upcoming buff to goo/spray, even if the sapling/seed is colorless and the tree color follows the planet’s color, it’s acceptable imo (and type doesn’t matter because transform chisel).

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Maybe this could also open up a new farming hobby and coin income, maybe we could have tree farms where u could plant lots of different seeds and let’s say if you harvest them as saplings or before a certain time period in growth, harvest and sell saplings and seeds. Also maybe this could implement new tree ideas such as fruit bearing trees that actually grow the fruit on them and can be harvested for there fruits instead of just planting starberries on foliage

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Assuming items can have two colors, this would be pretty neat. It could even be a crafting recipe costing, say, wood, foliage, and fresh vital essence, vital orbs, or something. As long as we don’t have to have an Arbor Day holiday event drop to craft it, I would enjoy that. It would all but completely remove color scarcity in wood, though.

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Life crisis intensifies intensely


I think the difficulty here lays on the colouring, like how are you going to control what color is the trunk and the leaves?

Maybe the easiest way to implement it is that the tree will be the same as the trees in the planet you are planting them?

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Maybe two separate objects; Sapling Stem and Sapling Leaf. Each gets a color, and stack like a machine. Once stacked and fertilized, they start growth process or maybe just instantly grow.

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I think this would be an ideal solution. Craft a “Sapling” and craft a “Sapling foliage”, stack them on top of each other and your tree will grow into those colors. I would just ask for an option of “no foliage” or that the Sapling foliage not be a required item so that we could also grow the creepy looking trees i’m trying to (failing to) create in my basement graveyard… Perhaps this would also open the door for the fruit bearing trees to be grown. You create your normal foliage, but then maybe there is another type of foliage that you add starberry seeds to and it creates foliage for a starberry tree.

Also, THANK YOU Everyone for making me feel a tad better about wanting to grow trees instead of (poorly) creating them.

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I think sapling only (spooky trees) and foliage only (bushes) are good options too.

Hopefully the devs like this and it’s feasible, but of course I wouldn’t hold my breath for this.

You may want to consider ‘contracting’ someone to come build your trees for you. I would offer to do it, but I’m getting burnt out on wood chiseling since I just finished building a pretty big tree and am working on an even bigger one as my main workshop/storage area.

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Good call, I do think it would be difficult to implement. Farming uses just a few blocks for each plant and they grow in stages. This would potentially be a LOT of spaces that the tree would need to grow in. It would probably be very intensive on the game. :sob: but I can dream…

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I think the colors could just come from the materials used to craft the seed/sapling. That’s how prestige flowers work.

Maybe the sapling seed takes both trunk and foliage to craft and that sets the colors for the trunk and foliage of the tree that will grow.

I’m not sure how to work around different heights. Like if you want a massive 100 block high tree vs. an 8 block heigh tree. Especially when it comes to how the height might conflict with the plots you’ve claimed (or haven’t claimed yet).

But in Minecraft some trees grow bigger if you plant 4 of the saplings next to each other.