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I love creatures, especially ones that aren’t designed to be threats, but to fill out the experience some. This is the Treestock! It’s a small creature the scurries around in forests and gathers resources for itself. It then stores those resources in little hidden chest-nuts, that it buries. If you spot a Treestock, you know that it’s cache is somewhere nearby. Hiding and sneaking might allow you to spot the Treestock returning to it’s treasure making it easier to find.

Of course, you could just strip mine the dirt for the entire forest to find it.

Either way, if you do find it, you will be rewarded with a supply of tier specific starberries, sap, bark, and if you’re very lucky, maybe a rough oortstone every now and again.

This suggestion is meant to be in the vein of the roadrunner, a rarer hard to find creature that requires some tact and guile to harvest. In this case, it’s less about killing the creature and more about finding it’s stash. I’d suggest their actual drop be like 1 or 2 items max.

I imagine it could be very exciting to hear their little chirp, or see them jumping from tree to tree.

Let me know what you think!


Cool idea.
i like it.

Could i grapple it and drag it around like a pet?


Hahaha! I suppose so! I imagine they’d be pretty light.

They’d probably run away frantically, like the roadrunner, just not as fast. So that means they’d probably be whipping around wildly on your leash.


Would be cool if once grappled they go around and collect local resources for you. Maybe you could set a traps to catch them using starberries.

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I love them! They should always run from their stash location (in a tree) to a random spot nearby then back. They don’t react to the player. So if you watch it you will eventually learn exactly where the stash is. If you kill it there is no drops and now you have no idea where its stash is.

I say put the stash in a trunk or foliage because the game already has a ton of reasons to look at and dig up the ground but not so many for trees.


Can we get @james and @rossstephens in here to show some love? This is an awesome idea and would love to see the devs add this player designed mob to the game. The art style is on point with BL and the mechanics are fantastically similar to things already in game(meteor loot box and the nut cache). This project would probably only really need art assets and some AI code.


Love love love this idea!


it looks like it belongs awesome stuff thumbs up

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I want to keep it and name it
Fluffy Cuddletail
Destroyer of Worlds


That’s exactly his name!

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I mean look at those eyes.
queue Meme zoom in on eyes
He seem some things.


Thankfully, he can store those things in hist chest-nut

What would the treestock store in its chest-nuts?
Berries and nuts, little trinkets, both, or something else?

My thought was starberries, sap and bark, and then a rare chance that oortstone would drop.

Basically tree and foliage drops, and then the random oortstone.

thats super nice and really fits the theme!

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Building off this idea, 3-5 coins would be cool too…maybe in the Easter season his chest-nuts look more like decorative easter eggs?


Oh, I like the idea of a few coins! Little bonus here and there!

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Forget the hunter, the devs need to focus on making this a reality. I have my grapples ready!

I think Road Runner feathers should be added to the Treestock’s coveted item list :wink: