Trolls vs Bannable Offense

Hello, I’ve had a question as of recent and I am Curious as to what others think. At what point does a Joke, Prank, or Troll that does not break any of the Tos go from being a joke to being a bannable offence? I am curious due to the fact that a lot of the people I’ve seen and played with thus far have been either extremely friendly and easy going or have been seemingly so until anyone slips up and they take this as a personal attack. I get that this game is fun and people are passionate about it, but from what I’ve personally seen their are far too many that take this game far more seriously than they should. So with all that said, I ask again, at what point does a troll become a bannable offense?


Doesn’t that depend on the troll itself and the circumstances.
You cannot voice an informed opinion on something without knowing facts.

So in other words you will need to give examples ( do not have to be real ones ) if you want peoples opinion.
If you think they have gone to far you could always inform the devs about it and they will respond accordingly.


I’ve only reported in game once or twice, and luckily it’s not been required in the end.

However, I’m always hyper aware of my own experience blurring the lines of what is and is not right and wrong, so I’m conscious to use language that isn’t harsh in any of my reporting. Like “I could be wrong, and they could just be new, and not realise that one doesn’t need to fight for space, or something.

Anyway, came here to say that the only issue with everyone being so gosh darned bloody pleasant, is that when someone says something even slightly non-pleasant, or lacking in genial tone (because they’re in a rush or something), it actually feels harsher than it is.

That said, I’ve just blocked a couple of people that “tell it like it is” … because … I don’t need that kind of bad faith around me. :wink:

Also, although in a forum/comments system banning is slightly different, in a game like this I hope that there are very few occasions where an outright ban happens. I hope most people learn to be like the majority of the insanely nice folks I’ve met en masse. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I don’t say any of this to dismiss your claim … just … thought I’d mention it, as it’s something that I try to keep in mind every day.

I’ll be on, later … if you feel like pinging me to give you a second opinion, I don’t mind.

I’m also (relatively) new, though, so others might be better placed to proffer a more edumacatered thought on it. But I’ve been a comments/forum mod elsewhere (full of horribles) so I have some experience of … “ugh-ness.

This is purely just Hypothetical. No specific situations due to not wanting to put anyone on blast.

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I think if it was unwanted, and the subject of the prank had made it clear it was unwanted, then it start to look more like harassment.

However, it all depends on circumstances.


I am obligated to object to the idea of being of the troll race as being a bannable offense.

Now that I have that out of my system.

It depends on many things, but ultimately it depends if James or any of the other @moderators thinks that what the player is doing is harassing another player and worthy of being banned, and what is being done has been reported to a dev, so it is very hard for any of us who are not the devs to give you a clear answer to your question,

the best most accurate answer you can get since you are talking about Hypothetical situations is “It depends”


Any ideas @james

This is valid but in the end, it is only partially up to the devs and James, after all they only know or hear about situations such as this due to reporting by the players. More so this comes down to at what point does mob mentality wash out from annoying the wrong people to others hopping on the bandwagon with them to get someone fully kicked off the game forever for something quite minor under any other circumstance. This is where my question stems from and with it comes the question of at what point is reporting good and needed and when does it turn into bullying and harassment.

I am pretty sure James is immune to mob mentality.

I am not 100% sure what you are trying to get at, but i think it extremely unlikely for you to suddenly and randomly be banned for pulling a joke, even if it is in bad taste, unless it involved death threats or other illegal things. Otherwise I think it is alot more likely you will get a warning from the devs and asked to stop whatever it is your doing, before you are banned.

but again, it all depends.


the issue with this is “Jokes and Pranks” are subjective, what is funny to one person may not be funny to another person. Furthermore if a person involves some one that isnt a willing participant more often than not its not “fun” for that other person and usually to the detriment of that players experience.

The other issue people seem to forget is this game is it may be offensive because the content is not appropriate for the age group of this game, ie this game is rated for ages 10+, so all of us could potentially be playing with a child.

Which trends into the age appropriate issue.

The game developers are required to remove content we make that is deemed offensive, otherwise they risk legal ramifications in whatever jurisdiction decides to take action against them because now they are facilitating the content to consumers.

Some times they remove content because it just not appropriate, some times the only solution is to remove a player

For the most part I would normally say “use common sense”, “it depends” and also “if you have to ask if this is okay to do it probably isnt”


So someone should at the very least get an email or message at minimum either as a warning or as a confirmation as them being banned and what for. correct?

That would go against the tos, and I specifically said that the Jokes were not against tos

I am not sure how the devs send out their warnings or what have you, as I have never been on the receiving end of such things, and hopefully it stays that way.

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You would need to contact the game developers or moderators for that, we (the other players) are unable to really comment on the company policy as we do not work for wonderstruck.

I would suggest reading over the terms of services and the Code of conduct and then contacting the company if something is unclear or needs explanation.

Otherwise were just here theory crafting what ifs

again jokes are subjective, what is funny to you may not be funny to me and some case may be offensive.

Example since you clearly want one “if i change a players signs to include profanity because i have access to their plot and thought putting innuendos in it was a joke and they get a warning.” is it funny? cause even if the two players are willing participants a 3rd person could come along and see this and get offended, then report the owner.


Well how about this, a proper Situation. Someone dropping totem for others to wander across, simple as that.

If your on the forums. Most likely you’ll get a private message from James. Which you’ll see in your email as well.

Something that in all right is a minor inconvenience.

and if you are not on the forums?

If you are being highly obnoxous with this, then it might attract unwanted attention from the devs, but if you just do this a few times to someone who you know, then I don’t think they would care.

Again it all depends, but the bottom line, from me at any rate, is as follows

You should not prank random people who you do not know if you do not want to open yourself up to risks.

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I understand it is in poor taste to do something like this to someone you don’t know, However as a one time thing this should not be in my mind a bannable offense. After all this could happen just as easily by accident by throwing random trash out when someone runs by with a loot stick, filling their inventory just as quickly.