Trunk-Glide? Hang-Cuddle?

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Ok I had a moment the other day where I was on an Exo early(rare for me), resources still tip top and just checking everything out… when something oddly fun happened. In the chaos of normal mobs and 2 meteors overlapping me (there were a lot of mobs) I spazzed out in desperation, tried to rapid fire a cuddle trunk elite and then jump off a cliff and quick switch to grapple a the clutch moment. :astonished:

What actually happened made me yell out “XBOX record that” before I realized I’m on my gaming PC… uhh oh well no clip to replay. :expressionless:

I glitched and grappled the cuddle-trunk as I ran to the edge and over. Next thing I know I am slowly and leisurely floating down the valley away from all the mobs hanging from the trunk sinking slowly. Eventually I landed and the tether broke and with the the over shield on the cuddle trunk. I then spent an hour trying to “Cuddle-Glide” all over the map. :crazy_face:

Has anyone done this?? Usually they fire on me and break grapple if they are high level fairly quick. I don’t have the hours most of you do on the high tier mobs.


This is from a while back, here is the original post on it CuttleGliding

You can use any of the T5/6+ planets but you have better results when its a high level cuttle

So you want to make sure you are in the air before you grapple the cuttle otherwise you just pull the mob towards you. If you are in the air you end up swinging towards it instead.

once your feet touch the ground or you come in contact with water so that you can pull the cuttletrunk you will break the grapple and trigger aggro.


IDK how far back you could dig lol. It’s fun and it can save you if your meteor is on a cliff too.


HA! I didn’t even bother to search for that. Dude had epic hang time. Great reply.