Turn basic Plinths into a 'display case'

As the title says, I wanted to suggest either turning the basic Plinth into a ‘display case’ that works just like the Shop block, but without the option of being able to buy the displayed item.

Small thing, since I’ve seen people just put up a “99,999,999c” item to have it displayed, but I know there’s definitely people who want them for their builds - Especially for things such as an Atlas.


Yes or even better bring out the “furniture” so we can make new display cases and new things to keep us even more busy so we won’t get bored :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Also as a request for my planetarium on alnitans, it would be nice if atlases stayed visible from a farther distance while on displays


I like this idea. Just like we have the different tabs on a shop stand, the plinth could have a “display” tab.

That option would also alleviate a lot of the complaints we get about shopping around for items only to find they are meant for display only.

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I’m still disappointed there isn’t more interaction in regards to the Atlas. Such as seeing regions with names, or manually turning the globe.

But that’s a whole different thread topic.


I know, right?

Anyway, to get back on topic, I don’t think a clone of the Plinth should be created to make a Display Case.
I think the Plinth should be the component to make something that would act exactly like Creativerse’s Placemat.
TL;DR, CV’s Placemat is a storage item which looks like a 1x1 carpet, and you can display items on it. You can also make the placemat invisible.
This would be a waaaaaaaaay more versatile tool than another placemat, IMHO. You’d be able to put your display item on a table, on the ground, on any block.


+1, I would like this please. I’m totally guilty of using 999,999c shop-stands as a convenient way to stash items that I accumulate in more-than-smartstack quantities.

regular plinth that works exactly the same as shop stand but without buy option works fine for both “display” and “storage” situations so I like it. otherwise, a storage block specifically meant for mass-storage of a single type of item would be cool too, but that’s a bit different from the “display” ask.

Wow, that is incredibly nice. I’d definitely love for that to be a thing, as well as just mats/carpet/floor in general. It’d make it easy to have one story of a house not require the floor of the second floor, to be the same as the ceiling of the first floor. At least to give one example.

Is this placemat already in the game?

I would like an invisible placemat for displays

@Ocfos Well, the point of Placemats in CV isn’t to act as a carpet to change the color of the floor or anything, but it could indeed be nice.

@molav No no, the Placemat is available in another game, Creativerse.
But eh, if you want it to happen in Boundless, feel free to ask for it to the devs, I’d follow you on that. :stuck_out_tongue:


display cases would still be a nice thing to have

It’s been suggested before, and the most recent developer opinion on this was post 3 of:

It’s a basic “Yes, we intend to have it work like that, at some point”.

That was 2 years ago, though. I figure a more recent word would be good to the people with display areas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, absolutely. It’d be great to have a more up-to-date feel for how things are progressing and likely to come out.

I’d just say don’t get your hopes up. The Devs have learned from past experience to be fairly reserved with what they say and when they say it. Take the glass panes as an example. I don’t think I’d heard about them until the post where they were basically ‘ready for testing’

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