Umbris Hammer (maxed)

I’ve been working towards getting a maxed lucent hammer, without random AOE…

Max damage, durability and 3x3 aoe.

It was expensive to make, but a lot of fun getting there!



Wow that’s awesome

Well done yet again, especially keeping the AOE down to level 4!

Feeling inspired by all your results (and not wanting to let the student outshine the teacher) I went ahead and did this.


Well, damn! That’s really nice mate, I bet you did that with a lot less rounds as well!

Can you jump on discord at all? :slight_smile:

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Yep… only 307 rounds. We best figure out what you’re doing with those extra 100+ rounds, lol

OK, give me 5 minutes and I’ll hop on.

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Very curious how this was possible! Any chance of a quick walk through when I eventually visit your goo farm?

Sure, I’d be happy to. I’m currently trying to get a tutorial video put together also… hopefully in the not too distant future.


Happy days! Thank you. I’ve been too afraid to forge lucent because of the amount of materials needed And I don’t know the most successful method. Video tutorial would also be very useful :blush:

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So awesome to see other people doing lucent forges! Keep it up guys, those are some great pieces!

What does something like this typically sell for?

I’ve worked out the cost of forging to be roughly about 35k worth of forging ingredients alone, add in the cost of the bow and you’re looking at at least 40k cost price so if you can get these for around 50k I’d say you’re getting a good deal.

But to be totally honest I personally don’t think the bows are worth the cost when you can have a well forged gem bow for 10k that does an adequate job. The only things I see worth forging are the grapples as they have a much longer life span and do offer a considerable advantage over the gem alternatives.

… but obviously they’re a bit of fun to forge as a challenge and something to show off in the end, haha.


I’m on my third set of grapples at 50 - 60k per unit. I paid a little more for some rift bows when very few people were forging lucent items but, they were also done on forum auctions.

For the most part gems are just as serviceable but on the right planet that rift heavy shotgun is pretty awesome.

I’m glad to see more people doing this as well since I’m going to need more grapples soon :slight_smile:

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I haven’t managed to get the mats cost that low yet :thinking: Probably need to refine my process.

My costs might be a bit off track, they are just estimates and maybe a little low. You can see in the screenshot how many of each ingredient I have used if you want to do some direct comparison. Mine are all go to the 300 round mark (+ or - a few rounds) and the biggest cost is most definitely the defect removal solvent 2.

I currently double up on the pastes, though I don’t use all of the first two, just 200 invigoration 1. I also use pure boon compound though so :man_shrugging: They cost me about 50,000 to make and I try to sell them for 60,000 (not too successfully)

Ah yep I see. I’d highly recommend switching to corrupted boon compound 2 and once you have all of your boons maxed you should still have around 4000-5000 vigor left to spam defect removal solvent 2 until all your defects are gone.

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@wakeNbake , @Nightstar thank you for the insight! I’ve recently taken a liking to farming forge ingredients and I was curious about the return on investment if I were to attempt my own. For the most part I think I’ll stick with gem tools and weapons (though a heavy rift shotgun sounds dope for those health buffed elite wildstock!) A Lucent grapple is a hard sell for me… I only just recently started upgrading from iron to emerald. I tend to only use mine for pulling down cuttles.

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It’s a pretty specific use case, but an AoE/dura/speed blink shovel will farm blocks on low tier planets forever without the need for speed brew. So like brick mats, sand, orb farms, etc

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And just because I think bows aren’t worth the effort I went ahead and did another one…

Made several mistakes through this process… must be getting tired… and yet managed to get it down to 295 rounds somehow (the 5 level boons are much cheaper to max than the 10 level boons is how).

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damn, 295! would’ve taken me another 200 rounds I reckon. Well done though, that’s pretty much perfect!
I’m off to do a rift grapple :stuck_out_tongue: