Unable to log into the game using Shadow

I’m more often than not using Shadow to play the game and I’m getting this issue since yesterday morning (24 hours ago)

I did see two users have similar issues yesterday but it seems like it was resolved by waiting. While I don’t know how linked Steam is for the Steam Summer Sale to effect server connection.

My objective is to identify if what I’m having is a Boundless, Steam, o Shadow.

Do you have any logs that we could take a look at please?

I’ve had the same issue lately too. I have to shut steam restart.
The most consecutive times it hasn’t worked is twice in a row.
Typically it’s once and then a close out of steam and re open fixes

I also use shadow only.

CC’ing @blake in :grin:

Does this url work for either of you in a browser on the cloud machine https://ds.playboundless.com:8902/ping ?

My first guess would be that something in the Shadow setup is restricting Boundless from connecting to the game. Seeing a game log would help.

@Leahlemoncakes Nope. I think I need to play with the firewall setting.

How would I pull the logs? If i find out I will edit my post.

Edit: Found this post

Edit 2: Added the log.txt @james


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I did a factory reset of my Shadow PC and surprisingly it worked. I still would like to know what story the logs will tell.

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We will take a look for you and will let you know if there’s anything obvious :slightly_smiling_face:

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