Universal channels

I don’t check these channels every day.
Even only use the shop channel maybe 1 time per week.

Made this post because @VirtualEclipse mentioned it. And is right about this.

But universal channels are technically pointless as they are now.

Here’s why.

Most of us already pointed out first thing we do is switch chat to “all”.
Why is it we see all channel messages except universal messages.

Questions don’t get answers because we simply don’t see them.
Shop messages don’t get any attention because we don’t look.
Events don’t get noticed (if used at all) simply because we don’t get notified.

This needs to change chat overhaul can wait but at least the question channel should pop up in the all channel.
New players with questions should get answers. Even the “not know it all” questions from us “veterans”.

So i think this should be done asap.
@vdragon and @james help-question (and other) universal channel should also show up in the “all” channel. As it is useless unless someone looks. And or let them notify us.


Only problem at this point is how would you get people who are used to chat being non-functional to start using it?

Chat needs to be system wide instead of planet based or whatever it is right now. Hell, 1997 Yahoo chat works better than Boundless chat.


Not saying a complete chat overall isn’t needed i am saying we are missing important messages.
Newbies asking questions do have priority so at least until the can fix all the problems withe the chat they should make it a priority to link the universal channel(s) to the channel “all” to.

[look me explaining my self again😉]

Asking questions in world doesn’t always work chances are say, wisper, shout get ignored or just aren’t seen. Universal channel should give the option to ask more people at once but doesn’t because they don’t show up in all in the “all chat” for people that still use it.

Have had several newbies and had to explain them sentence by sentence what channels to use and what channels are tricky to use. Even had to explain to try the help one but if there isn’t any reaction to wait for me.

And it gets frustrating if you have a “simple question” burning in your mind waiting till you finally get a reply (if at all) and know the help channel doesn’t get seen by most chat users as it doesn’t fall under “all”.

Maybe ad a sign in sanctum (under npc) that does mention (for the time being) the forum.

There are people that don’t know that there are forums for a game. (Used to be one of them).

I always thought adding that little circle you get to notify of msgs, like shop stand empty etc should show the universal channels cos I’d defo look then cos I can’t stand outstanding notifications like that. When I see screenshots of phones with a bar full at the top it makes me itch

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I think having possibility to read universal channels on #All would be nice but it should also have option to filter it out.

I would hope more for general chat improvements, where messaging would be much more easier and faster to use.

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I hope chat gets a fix/overhaul to improve the use of it. There is also a hope for in game (mic) chat.

But for now i am suggestion a “bandaid fix” to link the #universal channel(s) to the #all channel. So more of us notice questions, events (hunt) and shop messages. The questions/help being the most important of the 3.