Universal Forge Ingredient Apocalypse

So I just went to 10 major shopping areas and 10-12 planets and there are NO forge pastes and cats…


Is this the new normal? I know people are still hunting… right???


Yes this is the new world order


I wonder if we are headed back towards 25,000c T6 hammers


At this rate yes. I’ve already started raising some of my prices.

Finding materials and having to do everything myself is making forging harder everyday lol


I was just trying to price something I was forging for somebody… Hard to do when there IS NO price for the mats used. I mean, I could go figure out what it would take me to farm it all, but I don’t have enough time to farm it all right now. So I guess “inf c”? Maybe I’ll just go with give me the parts and mats in the future. Not a complaint, that will work fine and I often do that already. But wow, atm I wouldn’t dream of selling another hammer for 5k. The guilds gonna need em.

Not a super great place to be. Is this due to lack of new players? Any thoughts? If not, how might we encourage the farming and sale of these resources?


I was right ahead of you buying them all out… MWHAHAHA… :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh you turkey!

I’m gonna put my mats into bows and go hunting… and get FILTHY rich


Honestly I have no idea. I only know that suji is taking a break.
But it’s weird that no one else is selling materials at the same time.

I’ve seen a lot of new forgers coming out so maybe some hunters are keeping their mats from themselves now?

Yeah probably. I think Suji will be back this weekend as he cant stay sick forever. But he still has to be able to buy the mats. I know that was getting to be a problem

I suspect its all guys like us hoarding. And with prices rising, who wants to sell their stockpile


One of the many reasons i temporarily closed my shop. Metals, bones, coals, beans, and oorts (among many things) were becoming harder to find and more expensive to buy. I didnt want to lose my rep as a well-priced shop and i was tired of scraping mats for mass crafts so a temporary close seemed like the best thing to so.

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It is possible. Here’s my theory…

People were lowering the prices on their gear & forged items. Customers love it & most players are able to afford whatever gear they want, when they want it - so they constantly buy these items.

In order to get prices down that low on gear/forged gear, they paid hunters/gatherers/miners/paste makers less & less for their items/time. The price of trophies dropped, the price of forging supplies dropped, price per gem dropped, etc. Which is 100% fine, it’s simply supply + demand.

However, it has hit a pricing threshold where it’s no longer worth it for the hunters/gatherers/paste makers to sell their items. Since there is no actual shortage of the supplies themselves & there are plenty of hunts happening everyday - it comes down to prices.

/end theory


I’ve been saving all of my forging materials for when Suji comes back now that my normal forged good vendor seems to be on a break. So my supplies haven’t been going into the economy. :man_shrugging:

However, I do think it has more to do with what @majorvex is pointing out. Despite a lot of talk about how resources are hidden, they really are everywhere. People just don’t feel like getting them when the heavy hitters will make people rich by farming regenable blocks on an exo. Its thrown expectations out of whack. Why get 60k an hour surface farming when you can get 120k breakign gleam.


We need more T5/6 hunts to happen. This will help increase the forging mats needed.


I have pastes… just haven’t put them out. I had Vig Cats as of yesterday… have you checked Forging Matters on Trior?


Same, I’ve been hoarding my stuff for sujis return.
The only thing I’ve been doing myself are pastes

I’m going to add to my thoughts on this… there are a lot of Mat dealers who sell their mats super underpriced. The cost of the mats do not reflect the cost of the raw materials used to craft them.

The cost of the forge gear is stupid cheap and has been for a long time… also, if anyone has paid attention… Jiivita put out a video (and this is in NO WAY saying it’s his fault), but a mat heavy way of forging is now “out there”… this brought up the demand… higher demand means higher prices.

Cores were sitting steady for MONTHS at 450-500 coins… now they’re 1500.

Beans are so expensive the cost to make them has increased… yet people still want cheap mats and weapons. Not to mention, everyone is holding out for a manufacturer who, undercharges, and takes extended breaks, who is therefore not really dependable… again no offense to anyone, it just is what it is.

It has NOTHING to do with lack of hunts… people are hunting. At least 3-4 groups hunt daily. This is to do with higher demand in mats and higher prices for basic drops and people who can’t keep up with the demand who end up burnt out and not reliable.


We need to raise our prices, but we need most shops to do it or it won’t work. And I’m not sure if anyone would agree to do this lol.

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It will work… the ones who underprice can’t keep up… the burn out and stop forging… so keep pricing real prices. Eventually it will level out. Play the long game and be dependable


But what are the real prices? How much is each creature drop worth in your opinion?

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I raise my prices when I change my store thinking it would slow people buying a little. It did not. And it seems other people have as well too. I’m interested in hearing what the suggest prices would be?