Unlockable skilltrees/specializations and stuff

Okay. dont bite my head off for this one, this is purely me starting a discussion to get some brain exercise and see what people think, there might be something oort can use, but on the scale i am about to talk about it would be overkill.

Ps: this thread is long, you have been warned.

so lets get started.

Unlockable skilltrees/classes/specialization is a system that some games uses, you need to progress in 1 skill to unlock another one, this can be done in several ways and i will try to mention a few.


a really interesting MMORPG that is going to come out. they plan to launch with 15 classes, but you have to pick 1 out of 3 to start with, the game allows you to level up each class individually but you can switch between them whenever you want.

Skyforge have a system that interests me quite a bit, it is called the acension atlas and it is stupidly huge. here you see ‘‘Main atlas’’ in a sense,

you start here with picking a class, each bubble has a set of bubbles within it

the big bubble in the middle is the class (that is where the insane part comes in, but back to that later) you notice that there are bubbles around it, those are passive stat upgrades that increases your overall power level, they have different colors because they uses different crystals to unlock. quests drop specific crystal types and they are split up. these wheels are connected as you can see, so if you start with paladin class you will start in the paladin class circle. from there you can put points into the stat upgrade circles and make a trail unto other classes that are locked, when you get into the middle of the locked class you unlock it and can now start using/leveling that class from the ground. this takes days to unlock. the further out / more advanced classes takes weeks to unlock.

know you say ‘’ this is not a huge skill tree at all,‘’ well. let me show you this picture.

this is how big the classes are inside, so you also have a ton of progression there which makes the skill trees huge.

sorry, slightly off topic. point in this being that you pick 1 of 3 starter classes and then with much work can both level that up while getting points to unlock more classes.

Final fantasy 14:

please do not take everything at face value, i might not have every fact correct but here is how i understand it.

every character starts by picking a class

the classes would be split up in disiples of war (physical) and diciples of magic (magical) the other 2 are harvesters and crafters.

the classes are the basic playstyles that can do many things and are extremely good for leveling, now the thing that final fantasy also did is introduce jobs, Jobs are specific roles that requires a specific class high level, a secondary class that is level 15 and then a tertiary class that is whatever level + a special job stone that you get from completing a certain class quest. The job has all of the abilities and traits from the primary class, and the cross class abilities from secondary and tertiary classes, the job would also have the level from the primary class, so if you have a job and the primary of that class is level 35, then the job will be level 35 too when you switch to it.

lets take an example , my favorite class in any game : Monk

the monks primary class is the Pugilist which determines the level of the monk when equipped

Its secondary class which needs to be level 15. is the lancer

and the tertiary class is the marauder

so you get the choice of classes but when you level up your main class and a secondary class you unlock a specific job that can be used.


this is just one in general. most people know wow by now and how that worked, every class could pick 3 skill trees which would change some of their abilities and heavily affect how they play before they made it completely noob friendly ofc,

The thing that could be done in game instead would be for the ability to have base skills that we know that when you reach a specific profiency you would unlock a new skill line and fighting style based on it that would greatly chance how you play (this one is going to be too much works for the devs i imagine)

but an example would be that i picked fist weapons as my main weapon of choice,

i have been fighting long with it and is now profiency 300. i get a notification that i have unlocked 2 new skill trees.

Martial arts:

and Brawler:

I have now unlocked the 2 specialized skill trees which i can start leveling in, Martial arts offers me faster attacks, dodging, more cc abilities such as stun kicks. and brawler offers me stronger attacks, more defense, and a non graceful fighting style that is not about avoiding to get hit, but about hitting harder than the enemy.

i do now have the choice, i can keep leveling up fist fighting which is a general mix of both, or i can start to level up martial arts which focuses on the faster attacks and more cc but sacrifices dmg, or brawler with increased damage and defense but sacrifices the some of the speed and abilities to dodge that you had before.

same thing with the other fighting styles like demonic magic:

when i hit skill 300 demonic magic i unlock

Demon summoning:

and Demon Soul:

Demon summoning would allow me to make pets that would tank and damage the enemy, they would pull some aggro while i can kill things with my spells, while on the other hand Demon soul allows me to transform myself into a demon with increased damage and some more abilities but on the other hand make me unable to throw ranged spells.

…Damn, that was a long thread. but i hope you survived, so my question is just. do you think that every skilltree should be available for leveling from the starting point or would it be better to limit it a bit so its easier to get into the game but still offer alot of variety in lategame?

if you think its okay to hold back which system is then the best?

I think ff14 You level what you use and you can do choices on some things wich are important, but not so hard to make.

But remember, with the current HUD we wont be able to use skills as in other games, think in passive buffs, not active skills, or active skills with key “combos” i mean, w+click, or w+d+click or shift/control+click, nothing too hard.

And remember the combat is going to be skill based, not gear/level/power based XD

And demob soul for a monk would be OP abd for a brawler OP in the OP terms of OP.

skill can only ever take you so far, if you believe that gear wont make a difference then you should be able to go up and beat a titan in your starter gear.

I don’t mean that… It will help a lot, but even in your best gear and with the best leveled skills, if you are bad you may not be able to kill anything well.

Also we will spawn with no gear XDD

i just wanna run around in a loin cloth and kill random animals with a stick

Erm what does that mean? XD

you well could if you had the skill but I doubt there will be someone with that skill soon^^

For the generel idea, why not hide some of the higher level skills but on different ways. Maybe you have to finde something in an Oort temple. Maybe you learn it because you focus on one type of combat.
Variation without introducing new mechanics is the key isn’t it?


This is great idea @KuroKuma ! If we have just simple skill tree that “grows” by repeating same action, Oort would become just simple grinding game. Trust me, I know too well how it feels like (Maxed skill total of 2595 in Runescape where everything is grinding)

Going to certain place to acquire next level of skill sounds good but I don´t how things would look when we have 1000, 10000 or 100000 players playing game. There would be rush hour every day to location like that and also some evil Pvp clan could just simply make a camp near entrance and wait for foolish players to arrive. Last one could be easily be fixed by making area around temple “safe area”, but somebody will sooner or later build walls or otherwise make access to that temple harder. But who says that temple level up is only way to upgrade!? It could be one of many possible ways.

Random loot, loot from titan, craftable by different resources and cost depending level, buy from npc, quest reward from npc, by repeating same action like swing sword 1000 times or craft 100 swords…many ways how to do it.


Just a note. NPC’s as it stands now will not be a thing. just so you know

also i talked about several different methods of doing skills, one that would go with what you proposed would be the ‘‘Scroll’’ post i made, here


also i think it is a bit of a weird opinion to calling the use of something for ‘‘grinding’’ the more you use a sword the better you become at using it, meaning if you just fight then you will level up naturally.

Now if you needed to kill 1 million exp then it would be a grind, but imagine normal exp, but since we dont have normal levels (seems to be the general idea, judging from the devs) it would go into armor exp and weapon exp instead.

But killing 10,000 orange goat-thing´s to level up your weapon would still be categorized as grinding or I just misunderstood your idea.

General skill tree (like in wow) in Oort Online would feel kinda out-of-space, because Oort isn´t your general skill or equipment based mmorpg. In my earlier post I kinda took wrong direction and made list of methods that mmorpg´s use, but because Oort is not mmorpg game, simpler means would suit better.

What if we have certain requirements for basic skill and hidden for more powerful versions and by that I mean completing certain requirements unlock new skills and not levels. That would make Oort more skill based as possibly simpler system allows greater number of different skills to be added.

I can´t think this thing through right now so I will take break and come back when I know what direction Oort should take.

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well… it actually is… that is kinda the entire point you know…

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Definetly. All those abilitys/klasses/skilltrees would (in my opinion) not fit into a game like Oort. This could turn the Oort interface into something like that (since you mentioned WoW i´ll post a WoW picture as example):

(please note that i´m also reffering to an overkill with that picture)

Now to my suggestion:
Since Oort is not as focused on the fight mechanics/character progression as traditional MMO´s (which basically are all around these systems, while Oort also offers building, exploring,…) I want to compare to a game that is also much about exploring: Skyrim.
The battle system is quite simple yet really fun and strategical.

Since this threat is about skilling/abilitys and not the combat system i will just briefly summarize the combat system for people who are not familar with it.
You have 2 hands that you can separately equip with weapons/spells, each bound to a mouse button (if you hold a mouse button down you “charge” the attack).
Additionally you have one spell(shout) wich is bound to a key on the keyboard (“Y” by default).

Since you only pick your race and no class in the character creation (perfect in my opinion) you had a perk system to customize your character wich looks like this:

Each bright star at the end of a line represents a skilled “perk” that gives you a passive(there a also a few active) bonus. (There are plenty of “skill-planer” on the net if you want examples of what perks exactly do)
With each character level-up (by killing mobs/ questing) you gained a skillpoint to spend.
What perks you can unlock depends on how high your skill in the depending category is.(increased by simply using that category, for example fighting in heavy armor to increase your heavy armor skill)

Now to the “shout”(spell):
Your “shout” is a powerfull abillity with a quite long cooldown (~30s). You could choose from a variety of spells to get one that fits your playstile the most (charge for warriors, a short cloak for assasins, freeze enemys into a block of ice,…)
By killing and absorbing the soul of a dragon you got a skillpoint to spend into improving your shouts (Titans?)
New spells were earned by clearing specific tombs (Oortian ruins?)

I dont want to say that the Skyrim skill system is perfect (for example the skilling of crafting perks was quite a pain) or that Wonderstruck should copy it (which they certainly wont do) but there a definetly many great ideas that could be used for Oort.

NOTE: No, I´m no Skyrim fanboy but in my opinion Skyrim has the best fitting combat/skill system for a game like Oort. (simple enough for a voxel game yet complex/stategical enough for a mmo)


Being able to equip whatever and the whole idea ‘‘you are what you use’’ i always liked, trust me, i played quite a bit of skyrim.

However i dont feel that system would work well in oort, if you looked around you can see how i really am against the clutter of wow, but skyrim only being able to use in your hand (including spells) is a bit sad. again i am mostly for the TSW or ESO approach in the sense that you can only have a few actives and a few passives equipped at a time, it adds more tactical depth to the game, and that way you can build your character as you want, fireball throwing warrior, duelwielding mage, etc.

Have the devs stated that Oort is going to be a RPG? just wondering

I thought it was going to be a MMO voxel sandbox game but i personally haven’t or seen anything about RPG so i thought id ask lol

Well, if you play a character that you develop somehow it is a roleplaying game in its basic means. But I get your point. At least we will have some kind of progress, and that can be made by skills, trees, levels or other means.

Most people want to have Oorts gameplay playerskill heavy so a mass of skills like in wow will be no solution, but why no perks or skills granted through equip and character progress?

When thinking of Oort as an RPG just think about a progress like in the Witcher, Mass effect or a TES game. Those are quite good examples for games where you gave skills and perks, but your skill as a gamer is still the main breaking point :wink:




this combined with @DarkRepulsor shard system, is how i think the game would work best


however this post wasnt for getting this stuff ingame, this was just me getting some mental exercise and ponder how something like this could be done.

i think the skill shards in equipment would be epic, but i am personally still kinda on edge with the whole ‘‘skill in equipment stuff’’ like if i want fast running boots, am i going to have to use some really ugly boots with no stats? i think it would be better, again, to just get the boots and put in a movement shard.

a way progress could be done is kinda mentioned it here


the repop is another sandbox game and it work well to have tiers of mastery for the different fighting styles, crafting etc.

Personally i think some people are too ‘‘afraid of progress’’ or what you call it, in the approach that everybody should always be equal, that is the biggest thing im against, a stronger person would use stronger gear, whcih would give stronger stats, and that is okay the same way that a crafter not being as good as fighting or a fighter not being as good at crafting without them leveling is also okay.but that is again, personal opinion.

the biggest encourager for this is the tiers, i really look forward to seeing them, going to be epic to rise through the ranks :smiley:

Literally the second sentence in the steam description of the game.
“Explore, build, fight and survive the universe of Oort Online. A new voxel MMORPG sandbox built and shaped by real players.”

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oh yeah i thought it read it, it was on steam? it isnt phrased like that on the official site.