Upcoming Events - Sanctum Builders Sought!

Hey everyone

Hope you’re enjoying the Halloween event so far! I think we all agree that one of the best bits has been @georgegroeg’s awesome new sanctum, and it’s got us excited to think about what to do with the space in the future.

We’re going to be running a few more events in the near future, and since this has been so popular, we’d like to invite another guest sanctum builder from the community. If you’d be interested in this, please let us know in the thread below!

Please include a link to supporting materials - screenshots of your build, and the coordinates/world if possible. We’ll have a look over the candidates, and get in touch with the builder we’d like to see work their magic!

Although we can only use one at a time, we’ve got several events lined up, so the more builders we have to choose from, the better!

The weather is starting to turn snowy, and meteorites are looking suspiciously like snowballs…. The next event theme is Oortmas, which will be a lot of fun to explore!


@Apt don’t be selfish, build us a sanctum :upside_down_face:


@DutchOfSorissi your stuff looks great in HSE, have at it!!!


I’m right in thinking PS4 players can’t do this, right?


Would have loved to build a snowy secret garden sanctum!
Or a giant snow globe sanctum :open_mouth: someone needs to do that!


I think with this

It would imply that if you build it on live they will come look at it. Unless it means on the test servers but I doubt it since there is a sanctum builder for pc users

So we could try build a replica sanctum on one of the planets… Hmmmm :thinking:

Cant PS4 get a sanctum builder?? :pleading_face:

My vote for @Apt
I like his buildings because they are very neutral in appearance and at the same time very spectacular, gorgeous. In a short time he did a great job.


This is an insane build…really :o when I see this…I get so demotivated…there’s just no way to create something of similar beauty as this one…damn :slight_smile:


I can pull Christmas off. The king of green and red sprays. Could even incorporate the other fantastic holidays into it as well. Lets now let just Christmas take over.


I will start this week in an underground secret location.

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@Apt FTW :fist::fist::fist:

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Who’s that behind u? :fearful:

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Looks good to me. Im out

:heart: @AeneaGames thanks for the nomination! My first thought was uhhh I’m a terrible decorator BUT I was struck with an idea for a funny/fun theme for Christmas, now I can’t get it off my mind.

@SamF would it be the same to you guys if candidates submit sanctums (sancta? lol) instead of one being chosen beforehand? Because I’d love to make something but I’m not sure how this specific idea would turn out.

Also, @ anyone, is the sanctum editor its own program or can I access from Steam? Are the physics the same or can I fly around etc? My pc character is pretty low level.

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If you’re pc. You can hit the debug menu. And in the top left corner should be a drop down menu. Go to Sanctum edit. Then click the load button and choose your Sanctum to edit.

Gotta buy it for PC that’s what Georgio did
It’s the perfect time! “Only” $20!

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That would work if I had a PC :laughing:

Ban these tables and ipads. Bring back the days of pc!!!

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