Update 193 Video and Competition - Power Coils As Prizes!

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Hi all.
Another video with a competition in it.
Since we are very close to Forge going live, I thought another video on some new stuff introduced in update 193 might be fun to make. And with that there are power coils to be won for those who enter.
Watch carefully and follow instructions to be part of the prize draw (that will happen one week from now).


we have first correct answer - @Prome3us got the word right;
to remind everyone - there are 3 prizes, so still more to grab!

I dont understand how this can be a letter, sorry. And most of other letters too(

:oort_l: check the special forum emotes :wink:

tnx for a tip))))

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and you’ve done it! congrats and good luck in the draw :sunglasses:
if its needed - at the moment only two correct answers:


waiting for more Oort Alphabet Readers!

Also for other who may struggle - heres a good source of Oort Alphabet knowledge:


At least one more of you can get the prize without a draw!

answer on pm :slight_smile: boundmore :slight_smile: i hope its ok :stuck_out_tongue:

Correct answer - you are in for a prize!


If there are no more contestants you will all get prizes in order of joining the competition, so 1st prize for Prome3us and so on.
If more people send correct answers we will have a draw deciding about the winners.

Wow, either people somehow have access to way more power coils than I thought and just don’t want them, or they can’t believe it’s so simple to win them :man_shrugging:

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better for you as you get it 100% :grinning:

lets wait till Monday though and see if someone joins

I really enjoyed the last one with all the magical number juggling in your draw, hoping if we get enough people you could start a lottery with your vids :yum:

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We have another correct answer! :sunglasses:


That means you have “only” 75 % of winning a prize each. :wink:

Sorry for delay lads. I will make the draw in next couple of days and announce winners. We shall arrange prize handing then.

Check prize draw video in this topic: