Update schedule


Are we a little behind with the live/testing updates?

I thought that the devs intent was to alternate week by week?

Maybe I misinterpreted and it’s fortnight by fortnight?


Testing updated expected today or tomorrow.

Can we get ETA on road map / test release

Cool, thanks for the info!


There an updated roadmap on its way too? :grin:



But it’s in a queue behind some other assets…


Behind the PS4 Deluxe upgrade? So we never get to hear about it? :joy:

Sorry, just teasing :slight_smile:


You better start mining :skull_and_crossbones: Thats my only advise


What’s the point of delux? I mean I own it, but I already forgot the point of it.


10% extra plots is the best bonus from deluxe.


30 days gleam club + 10% extra plots


Mining… oh no. Why?


I never knew I got extra plots… how does that work? Based on purchases or?


If you have deluxe you get 10% more plots when you purchase with cubits


You have your total plots earned with cubits, say 800. You will have a bonus automatically added to that of 80 more plots.


hm okay, cool. makes me wonder how many free plots I got lol.


Divide the number of plots you have by 1.1.

Subtract that number from the number of plots you have and that’s how many ‘free’ plots you got!

Total plots - (total plots/1.1) = no of free plus


I am on a stent of a break, have been for a few weeks… Bored with the game. So I have no idea what my exact plot number is. I could easily have done the math if I did. I have a few thousand plots, so I would guess I relieved a few hundred free plots.

Cosmetic Blocks Purchases

Mwhahaha you shall find out… when its too late :speak_no_evil:


math is not my good area, but I am figuring that at 10% I get one free plot for every 10 I buy. So that works out to 10 plots for every 100 and a 100 for every 1000.
Someone who understand math can correct me.

On the Gleam club, you get the tint kit for free now with doing colors, such as the body paint, you can tint for free. But, the 30 days free trial is just for those 30 days and some new players seem to think it means always. It costs to continue it.
Is it worth it, that depends on what you do, for me, Yes, a huge Yes, I have outposts on several planets, even lower level ones, that saves me from running around adding fuel, especially for the higher level ones I can’t handle alone. When my son was playing other games and didn’t want to be bothered, we lost outposts at three planets. Granted, they didn’t have much and a couple were ones I didn’t care about, but I still hated losing them.
For me the cost is worth the hassle, for some, not, individual tastes and ability to afford the costs. So we don’t order one pizza once ever three months, no loss…


Ooooo time to speculate and get all excited about what those assets could be :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: